Homegrown Music Releases On Our Radar In January

Homegrown Music Releases On Our Radar In January

There has been a massive rise of independent artists in India over the last two years. Perhaps it was the pandemic that made us all take refuge in our art or maybe it emerged as a result of the declining quality of commercial music in India. But the golden era of the 2000s when pop music ruled Indian music channels in influence and impact has been resurrected with young Independent artists bringing the freshest tunes to the industry.

So we thought we'd bring you up to date and curate a list of the lastest music releases by some of the best upcoming artists from India.

Go To Sleep ft. Parimal Shais - Hanumankind

A long awaited track, Go To Sleep by Hanumankind captures the conflict and self-confrontation of an artist rising in the industry. It's produced by Parimal Shais and the music video is directed by Bijoy Shetty inspired by David Fincher's Fight Club.

You can watch it below.

Ashes - Mali

Maalavika Manoj known professionally as Mali, is an Indian musician and songwriter based in Mumbai. Her latest track, Ashes is dives into the manifestations of heartbreak and the painful remnant feelings after a relationship ends.

You can watch it below.'

In My Zone - Mary Ann Alexander, Pranay Parti

Born in Kerala and based out of Bangalore, Mary Ann Alexander is a singer-songwriter who with her latest track creates "an anthem for ambiverts". Produced by Pranay Parti, In My Zone is a combination of RnB, pop, soul and hip-hop.

You can check it out below.

Eleventh Hour - NIMBU

NYC/Bangalore-based artist NIMBU releases her latest track, Eleventh Hour reimagining the 80s' Bollywood song, Zindagi ki yahi reet hai in the chorus with disco-soul trumpets and percussions inspired by UK-garage. The music video artfully weaves a mix of old-school Bollywood references into the setting of modern-day Indian nightlife.

You can watch it below.

Khwab - Chambalguy

Indie singer-songwriter Chambalguy releases his latest indie-filk track, Khwab inspired by a dream he had about his childhood. It's a soothing journey that questions dreams turning into nightmares from the past begging the question, "Why do you come in the dreams that are buried in a corner of the depths of my memories?"

You can listen to it below.

Skye - O Daapun

A music duo of two brothers, Siddhartha & Bhargav Hazarika from Guwahati, O Daapun is an experimental-pop project known for its smooth variations in the compositions, accompanied by catchy vocal melodies. Their latest track, Skye is about a girl who wants to break out of her daily work schedule and give herself some time to explore her inner self through means of travelling.

You can watch it below.

Bhairav - Yaksha

Yaksha's performance of Bhairav, in collaboration with David & Mehran. Performed by the ocean, Bhairav is an exploration of the eponymous ancient raga through a 3-staged improvisation.

You can watch it below.

Roshni - Radence

Radence is a an independent rapper, singer, songwriter and audio engineer from, Delhi India. His latest track, Roshni is a soulful RnB track with a melodic rap verse.

You can listen to it below.

Bottle It Up - Tragic Sasha

Tragic Sasha is the (rather apt) alias of British singer, writer, producer and all-round creative force Sasha Gurney. A true independent musician, Sasha moved to London at 18 to grow her own project. Her latest track, Bottle It Up was written by her along with her co-writer Scott Colcombe about holding in emotions and a need to keep things to oneself.

You can watch it below.

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