Mumbai, Homegrown Is Bringing You A Music Lineup Like No Other In March

Kavya Trehan, Rahuled
Kavya Trehan, RahuledKavya Trehan, Rahuled

#HGStreet is a first of its kind culture and lifestyle festival in India weaving Homegrown, South Asian and global talent to reimagine the fabric that defines contemporary Indian culture and creativity today. At the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, education, culinary, innovation and more, the two-day Homegrown Festival also has a spectacular lineup of artists are across the musical landscape in India.


The Hip-Hop Lineup

Rising rappers and hip-hop artists will be performing at the HG Street festival. We will witness Meghalaya's Reble, New York-based Adi, the prolific Ahmer from Kashmir, melodic rap and NY drill by Cable, African American & western music with tribal elements by Shillong-based Dappest, trap & Afrobeat by DJ Proof, Yashraj's raw and impactful verses, Hanumankind with his pensive lyricism, buoyant and pop focused hip-hop exploring anti-fascism & femininity by Irfana Hameed, Hip Hop, Electro, Baile, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and Desi Rap by DJ Shezi

Diverse sets of hip-hop, soul and trap by MC Soopy, Parimal with his genre-bending beats and bass-heavy productions, Rae Mulla's dynamic flow, trap-inspired production and experimental flairs by the charming Rahul, Shah Rule's hard-hitting hip-hop with electronic drums, alternative rap and hip-hop by She Loves Boon, contemporary pop-rap fusion by Shia and Sumit Roy's personal and political themes.


The D36 Showcase

D36 is an independent Los Angeles-based company that is amplifying tunes through storytelling at a global scale. Entrenched in the distinct cultural identity they manage this by providing a platform to these creatives at home as well as through exporting the talent abroad. They'll be bringing the LA heat and presenting a select showcase of some of their most talented artists — Cable, rahul, & She Loves Boon.

Kavya Trehan, Rahuled
The Rise Of D36: The Label's Nuanced Approach To South Asian Artistry Is A Gamechanger

The Electronic Lineup

The festival will host the most innovative artists from India's underground electronic scene. We have some Soulful Detroit Techno, 80s Disco, Eastern Jazz by Emanuel, house, breaks, and IDM by Film, bass-heavy afro house and future beats by Kampai, Kohra's spatial, hypnotic techno and electronica, groovy, eclectic tracks by KSC, R&B, and Motown soul-influenced sounds by Nash, Nate 08's futuristic funk, R&B and house, Nu Disco, techno, breakbeat, and drum and bass by Nida.

Expect soul-inspired melodic house/techno by Paloma, Sickflip's tribal-percussion heavy electronic beats, Sindhi Curry's refreshing Chicago-House, Disco, Funk and Soul-grooves and a futuristic audio-visual live performance by Spryk exploring the relationship between music, technology and humanity.


The Singer-Songwriters Lineup

There will also be plenty of indie and folk at the festival with Akshat Acharya's indie-pop sounds, Anoushka Maskey endearing, folk-inspired stories, Kavya Trehan's sublime aesthetic and sound, fluid and emotional melodies by Lojal, a soulful performance by the multilingual Mary Ann, poppy R’n’B soundscapes by the duo Ranj and Cliffr, Sahirah's melody and infectious grooves and Tshumyoki's emotive and philosophical production.


With a focus on emerging artists from India and South Asia, the #HGSTREET2023 will feature a range of musical styles, and performances by leading artists across South Asian cultural backgrounds. It's going to be a massive celebration of next-gen musical expression so do not miss a chance to be a part of it.

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