Curated Curiosities' Upcycled Acrylic Jewellery Channels Eccentric Vibrancy & Confidence

Curated Curiosities' Upcycled Acrylic Jewellery Channels Eccentric Vibrancy & Confidence
Image Courtesy: Curated Curiosities

In the fast-paced world of fashion, it has become a prerogative of consumers to follow new trends that come every year and discard apparel that seems ‘out of date’. This, mixed with fast fashion which entails mass-production of inexpensive clothing in response to the latest trends, causes an enormous amount of non-biodegradable waste that permanently affects our ecosystem. The degradation of the environment calls for social responsibility and that’s where sustainable fashion comes into play.

Curated Curiosities is a contemporary up-cycle jewellery brand based in Mumbai. It’s the brainchild of longtime friends, Mitanshi Shah and Prerna Kishnani who wanted to do something unique with a little freshness. They love summer and holidays, which also inspired their bright, sleek collection of baubles that are a blend of traditional and modern silhouettes. The accessories are entirely handcrafted and their creative process involves everything from drawing inspiration out of everyday things around them, sketching and assembling every piece by hand, to a photo shoot.

The materials they use, come from discarded acrylic (PMMA) products at the end of their lifetime or acrylic and wood procured from industrial sites and workshops. The waste materials from these places along with sheets of acrylic that would have been thrown out to garbage are up-cycled into creating their jewellery which is also recyclable. Their craftsmanship contributes to minimising the volume of discarded materials sent into landfill each year and even reduces the need for raw materials, meaning a reduction in air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. The brand’s creators are serious about reducing plastic waste on the planet.

The designs at Curated Curiosities are vibrant, exotic and come in high-value, saturated colours. Pieces like Abstract Mess, Beach Riot and Crinkled Love have sophisticated and eccentric patterns as well as pigments that are reminiscent of artwork by Kandinsky. Their collection –– ‘Summer Nostalgia’ is vacation-themed; introducing beach-inspired motifs and their latest series ‘Art Nouveau’ even takes inspiration from architectural ensembles.

Mitanshi and Prerna have brought design-based innovation to sustainable fashion. Their jewellery is fun and flirty and is statement wear that would make a spectacular addition to your wardrobe.

You can check out their accessories here.

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