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Teatro Dhora: Where Contemporary Indian Jewellery Comes To Life In Jaipur

[The Design Collective is a community of contemporary designers dedicated to building a platform where creators like themselves can showcase their work. Started by a core group of 5 design brands, including KICHU, Dhora, CORD, Anuj Bhutani and Anomaly, this is a non-profit organisation that encourages the idea of being contemporaries, not competition. Their first Mumbai edition is on the 3rd and 4th of December at The Vintage Garden. Homegrown is collaborating with them to bring you content throughout this month that showcases their products, studios, processes, all while shining a light on an exciting new wave of designers across the country]

Dhora, meaning ‘sand dune’ in a Rajasthani dialect, is a contemporary and signature jewellery brand brought to life by Aavriti Jain. Conceptualised in Milan and made in India, Dhora’s pieces have firmly cemented themselves as emblems of modern design in the country, and as such, we thought it pertinent to capture Jain’s thoughts on her creations, both in terms of jewellery and a community.

When it comes down to work at Studio Dhora, the process begins with a mind sketch that is a reflection of Aavriti’s thoughts, more often than not. It is then left to make its own journey with a few tweaks here and there. She tells Homegrown, “A large part of my collection comes from the brainstorming I do with my team of craftsmen. From them, I have learnt that not all my wacky ideas can be recreated, I have to be more patient and I have to try more Bengali sweets!”

Dhora’s pieces are largely influenced by the places Aavriti travels to and the people she meets. The textures and shapes, especially geometric designs, come through on the basis of the music she listens to (her top work jams are Le cinèma by Hamza and BLOT! cast 0316). She describes her process to be “as simple and as taxing as any other jewellery making process. The only path which we don’t follow and can’t follow is to introduce collections season wise. I refuse to follow that rule. Because each day is new and special in its own way. Each day is moody enough than to focus only on SS/AW. Which is why you’ll see each piece is introduced separately and has its own identity.”

The union of Italy and India comes through more than ever at Teatro Dhora, Dhora’s design theatre “which is a meeting point for ideas and art work. We use this space for interaction between the local artists and brands of our country, which is very close to the motive ’Design collective’ hopes to achieve. You will find works of various artists, photographers and local craftsmen here. We continue to collaborate with musicians, gardeners, and chefs too. This theatre is a room wherein we curate anything which falls in the aesthetics and vibe of Dhora.”

Scroll on to witness the magic that occurs within the walls of Teatro Dhora.

All Images Courtesy Tenzin Lhagyal

Words: Tansha Vohra

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