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Beat The Heat With These Alcohol-Infused Chuskis

No matter where in the world you grew up some things are common to every child’s mind, and summer came with one very important promise: Ice cream. While in other countries it may mean the tinkling tunes of an ice-cream truck, to most of us in India, nothing says summer quite like a icy gola dripping with sweet syrup to quench your thirst. Just because childhood is behind us doesn’t mean we have to leave those memories behind and the creative bartenders down at Mumbai Vibe have found a way to combine the best of both worlds in one spectacular boozy chuski.

It has all the hallmarks of the old favourite and comes in familiar flavours like kokam and kala khatta. If you want something a bit different, you could even try the Peach and Khus or Blueberry, but if you really want to walk on the wild side ask for an adult version of the frozen treat and they’ll douse it in the alcohol of your choice. And at INR 150 a pop, they’re quite a steal too.

The Mumbai Vibe excels in creative cocktails with a playful twist. Their offerings include a sparkling wine with bubble-gum syrup, ‘popping bottles’ which come in flavours like hibiscis-vodka and kokum-rum and a wine decorated with edible gold and served with magic pops so these chuskis are just another addition to their impressive bar menu. So whether you’re looking for a way to cool down in this sweltering heat or just relive your childhood (with one slight difference) then head on down and experience the magic firsthand.

Representational feature image courtesy Geeta Cuisine

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