Six Well-Stocked Stores For Every Mumbai Artist

Six Well-Stocked Stores For Every Mumbai Artist
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As an artist, inspiration can sometimes be hard to come by. So when 23 of the hours in your day are spent thumb-twiddling, you better make that one hour of productivity count. But that’s never going to happen if all your pencils are dull and you suddenly discover you’re out of a certain shade of paint. Though the local stationery store may be able to provide for your basic needs, try asking for canvas or fixative and watch as you bewilder them.

To keep up with your outpouring of creative genius, you need to find a place that understands your needs and can provide for your every experimental phase. These seven stores around Mumbai are true havens for novice and professional artists alike; so pick the one nearest to you and pick up that paintbrush — they’ve got you covered!

I. Filter Shop - Kala Ghoda

If you’re an admirer of art but not quite as good with a brush yourself, Filter Shop is the place to go. They curate the work of graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, fashion experts, students and product innovators from across the country picking only the very best to showcase in their space. If you do want to pick up some goodies for yourself, take a look at their range of notebooks which have picked up rewards for their creativity and their desi range of chocolate with graphic wrappers that make them perfect for gifting.

II. dayDREAM - Kala Ghoda

This little haven nestled in the Mahalaxmi’s industrial mill complex offers everything an art enthusiast could want. Envisioned by photographer Prasad Naik and designer Manish Mansinh, the purpose of the space is to encourage creativity in all forms, be it art, photography, film, fashion, architecture or design. They aim to be a hub for dialogue and expression and even double up as a venue for private events.

III. Himalaya Fine Art - Dhobi Talao

The home of the professional artist, Himalaya offers the most extensive range of supplies in the country. Whether you work in oils and acrylics or favour a more modern, graphic approach they have absolutely everything under the sun. So whether you’re a professional looking to stock up or an amateur looking for quality over quantity, this is the place to be.

IV. Art Lounge - Churchgate

Their motto is simple, provide responsibly sourced, authentic goods at a fair price. Their loyalty is to the true spirit of art, they aim to make the highest quality of goods available to everyone and they offer supplies from a staggering number of brands. If however they don’t have what you’re for, just drop them an email and they’ll be happy to track down what you’re looking for. They’re also in the process of collecting a database so if you’re a designer or artist working in India, get in on the action and add your name to the list.

V. Art Station - Andheri West

For almost a decade the dedicated team at Art Station has been focussed on providing their customers with world-class materials and a wide array of creative craft materials. With brands names from all over the world, as well as a few familiar ones, their range of products will fulfill your every artistic whim. They specialise in DIY hobby kits in everything from cross-stitch to calligraphy and all at the most affordable prices.

While the name is initially misleading, this little store is full of wonders for the artsy soul at heart. As an artist friend of ours said, “Guys, no jokes. It literally has everything you’d need!” We took his recommendation and agreed wholeheartedly — the staff here don’t mess around. They know their way around and are always willing to help a lost customer out, while recommending the best possible choices. Trust us when we say this is every art student’s little paradise.

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