The Online Stores Stocking Quality Sex Toys For Experimental Indians

The Online Stores Stocking Quality Sex Toys For Experimental Indians
Anjul Dandekar for Homegrown

Mangalore loves shopping for sex products and Bhopal really enjoys the multiple flavours of condoms available in the market. Telangana is seriously into male thongs and Assam has grown to become the kinkiest state of India. Such were the findings of an e-commerce website that sells ‘adult products’ in India – sex toys, accessories and lingerie. With the advent of such websites, it’s becoming clear that the once prudish Indians have begun to explore the many aspects of desire, fantasy and pleasure (more so, self-pleasure)–many of them in the most unsuspecting of areas.

Hidden behind the veils of conservatism and tradition now lie some pretty sexually liberated beings. And the market has taken notice with a wave of new products being sourced and carefully curated for the Indian users. While buying and selling of adult sex toys was quite a tricky and murky terrain in the past, we now have websites and online stores that boast an incredibly fun, quirky and (obviously) kinky collection of toys, lingerie and a variety of products to spice up your sex life. These are spaces for anyone who wants to explore their sexuality with their partner or even by themselves. Free from the judgement, many even offer anonymous access on a platter and we think more people should know about them. With quality goods and accessories of fine materials, these are catered to your comfort and fun with updated, new technology to match it to boot.

There’s no shame in experimentations. Whether you’re into male sex toys or have BDSM fantasies – there’s something for everyone. And if you’re still apprehensive, you could always find a dusty first-generation dildo/vibrator among the knick-knacks sold on Colaba Causeway and Delhi’s Palika Bazaar.

What’s great about PrivyPleasures is not just their nondescript packaging but the array of products they offer. Other than sex toys and accessories they’ve got sexy lingerie for men and women with special outfits for different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. What we love though is their offer of lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes with a ‘plus-size’ section, because as they themselves put it, “When it comes to the true meaning of sexy, the size of the body is immaterial.” You should also check out their range of bedroom games for date night.

That’s Personal’s annual reports of the ‘Sex Toys Market Analysis In India’ is always incredibly telling. Their array of products cater to both men and women, while penis enlargement products and pumps seem to be a major draw for their male customers. The website also has a ‘Ask Our Sexpert’ section that provides first-time buyers and customers free anonymous consultation regarding sex, sex toys and other related products. They have a team of professionals, including sexologists and gynaecologists who review and respond to queries, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience for all.

With Sunny Leone as the face of the brand, Besharam has really created a name for itself in the adult market. They make navigation for new buyers easy with their well-categorised sections, based on a person’s attraction or the fantasy/experience they’re looking for.

The company goes one step beyond and has dedicated a section solely for the LGBTQ+ community, not only making sexual pleasure inclusive of all Indians, but also contributing to normalising (consensual) sex across various sexual identities.

From feather ticklers, glow-in-the-dark condoms and remote-controlled couples’ vibrator to self-pleasure kits – there’s nothing these guys don’t have. The best thing about the company, other than their focus on couples’ and female pleasure, is Leila the #lovedog, who they describe adorably as the team’s “least motivated team member. She doesn’t care about sales, customer satisfaction or campaign conversions the tiniest bit.” Their furry-friend aside, we suggest you give their Edibles section a visit.

Their name might not be the most creative but their collection of bondage products is highly impressive. Even though we’re pretty sceptical of what they call the ‘artificial hymen’ and ‘artificial hymen pill’, everything they have up for sale covers an incredible range of kinks and desires–right from fleshlights and ball gags to inflatable sex dolls for women. Seeing that quite a few of their masturbator dolls are sold out, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone on this website.

Featured illustration by Anjul Dandekar for Homegrown

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