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Explore A Delicious Hawaiian Delicacy At India’s First Poke Bar

India’s kitchens are embracing experimentation and invention, now more than ever. From opting to cook with local ingredients to turning food into a masterpiece of molecular gastronomy, the options for a fancy dinner or an evening of drinks are infinite in any of the country’s metropolises. Even as Indian food has revolutionized the global palette with their flavors, we continue to open our doors to welcome cuisines from all over the world. Due to this healthy gastronomical exchange, a country where the slightest hint of blandness in food calls for spoonfuls of chili has grown accustomed to Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean flavours, amongst many others. However, known for their heavenly beaches, tiki drinks and the famous fifty first dates, we’re still relatively unfamiliar with the food of Hawaii. Except for its poké bowls–courtesy #foodtrends and Instagram.

And now you can go offline to indulge in heavenly poke bowls at India’s first poke bar in New Delhi.

Invariably the go-to spot for a contemporary Japanese fine-dining experience, Guppy by Ai is now paving the way for a new culinary adventure with India’s first ever Poke Bar. Originally a traditional Hawaiian Salad, a Poké (pronounced ‘po-kay’), is a hearty bowl filled with raw, glistening and marinated protein, tossed with rice, seasoned with seaweed and olive oil, and sauces that are packed with ‘umami’. Extremely healthy and flavourful, Poké is an all-new eating mealtime delight that will take your taste buds on a guilt-free journey across the Pacific.

Indulge in an array of signature poke bowls like ‘Andaman Tuna Bowl’, ‘Sisho Salmon Bowl’ and ‘Spicy Miso Tofu Bowl’ designed and curated by Chef Vikram Khatri and his lieutenant Chef Saurabh Sharan. If decision-making is not your forté, you can also create your own bowl for a much more unique and eclectic dinner. Start by selecting from their choices of protein, choose a base grain like barley, black rice, and quinoa, and mix it with one of the super foods on offer. Next, you add a crunchy element like tempura fritters or prawn crackers, and drizzle on a sauce for the finishing touches.

An evening at Guppy is incomplete without their signature cocktails. Crafted specially for The Poke Bar you can quench your soul with drinks like Tokyo Summer- a cachaça-based drink with passion fruit and coconut syrup, Harajuku High- a sochu-based creation with beetroot, carrot juice and a burst of soya sauce, and Midoriko’s Dream, a wine-based drink with green melon syrup and lime juice. Even with a global food trend like this on its menu, The Poke Bar keeps Guppy fans happy with their favorite small plates and ramen bowls.

While their poke bowls will cast a spell on you with a robust of flavors, the décor and quirky art will transport you to Tokyo’s edgy fashion district Harajuku. Strong vivid colors, a sight of long striped socks disappearing into tall leather boots and a giant bow, coupled with the intoxicating scent of ramen, miso, and fresh grilled seafood will transport you to another world.

It’s time to put your burrito bowls and acai bowls aside for a while because we’re ready to obsess over Poké- the newest food trend that’s becoming the talk of the town.

Scroll on for a glimpse of what’s on offer.

On the menu of India's first poke bar in Delhi at Guppy by Ai
On the menu of India's first poke bar in Delhi at Guppy by Ai
The Shiso Salmon poke bowl
The Shiso Salmon poke bowl

Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Contact: 01124690005/6

Price: Rs. 1500+ for two

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