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An Exclusive Multi-Brand Sneaker Experience Is Coming To Mumbai

Indian sneakerheads, this is your time. Across the country there’s a revolution stirring, one where street culture is leading the charge into the mainstream lifestyle. There was a time when finding a quality pair of kicks was like searching for a needle in a haystack but in the last few years major players have entered the game and are providing sneaker ethusiasts with endless options to build and customise their style.

This month, there’s a new kid on the block ready to take this movement to the next level. Superkicks is set to be the first ever multi brand sneaker destination, launching in Mumbai. The 720 square foot space is set to house over 1,500 sneaker designs from world-renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and more with iconic editions like the Air Jordan’s, Stan Smith’s and Yeezy’s being front and centre. They also plan to introduce Ylati - an Italian based sneaker brand - for the very first time in India.

The store will also feature a fudge and milkshake corner by Oh! Fudge that will cater to all of you who need to snack while you shop. The entire experience is something destined to be exceptional and the concept is one that India has been sorely lacking. Founder Sangeet Paryani truly believes in their method “The biggest strength is our own obsession with great kicks. Meeting the unconventional way of fashion trends SuperKicks are for the unconventional people and Mumbai is the best market to reach out to the community.” he says.

As they intend to cater to the entire street culture phenomenon, it’s not just going to be sneakers on sale, there will also be socks, caps and bags available to help you curate and complete your look. So whether you’re a sneaker veteran or looking for someone to help kickstart your collection, Superkicks has got you covered.

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