A Vegan Lifestyle Brand Is Making Handbags From Cannabis Hemp & Himalayan Nettle

A Vegan Lifestyle Brand Is Making Handbags From Cannabis Hemp & Himalayan Nettle

As we plunge deeper into the abyss of consumerism, our resources cry out for help. Our synthetic alternatives, like plastic, have already become a burden for the environment, and the need to look for alternative resources is at an all-time high. While some are finding creative ways to upcycle scrap, others are actively engaged in exploring eco-friendly alternatives for plastic or trying to undo the damage done by fast fashion. Arture, a lifestyle accessories’ brand based out of Chennai, is another label contributing to the reality of sustainable fashion, one product line at a time.

A PETA-approved vegan premium lifestyle brand that stocks wallets, handbags, laptop sleeves and travel accessories for both men and women, Arture’s products are made from 100% natural cork fabrics sourced directly from the Mediterranean. These cork fabrics are highly durable and made from a harvesting process that causes no harm to trees. In fact, it also helps to offset millions of tons of carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere. Their latest collection takes this environment-friendly motto a notch above by exploring the most unusual materials for their products.

Having worked with cork for almost three years now, Arture is adding two more materials to its portfolio this year. Their latest collection, called ‘Reminisce’, uses fabrics made out of Cannabis Hemp and Himalayan Nettle—both incredibly sustainable and blending perfectly with Arture’s business and design sensibilities.

A collection that aims to pay homage to an era of classics, Reminisce draws inspiration from the likes of old libraries, parched paper, Agnes Martin, and the Bloomsbury group. An old-world charm is brought alive in the form of a modern Bohemian spirit, with a touch of understated eclecticism. The styles are purposeful and transitional, for the new-age artistic intellectuals.

Hemp and Nettle—two of the most sustainable fibres known to man—are lifesavers, as far as this planet is concerned. They require 400 times lesser water to grow, as compared to cotton. They are carbon negative in nature, which means that they consume more carbon dioxide than they release; and are cultivated without any pesticides. Both these materials are cultivated and woven by farmers and weavers living in the hills. Uttarakhand, to be precise. The fabrics are then sewn into beautiful handbags at Arture’s workshop in Chennai.

Reminisce is not just unconventional and sustainable, but also an active employer of a large number of artisans and farmers living in Uttarakhand—the only state in the country to legally allow cannabis cultivation for industrial purposes. A step in the direction of long-term progress, Arture’s Reminisce is a breakthrough contribution to the sustainable fashion industry that is slowly rising.

The entire collection available on their online store.

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