A Delhi-Based Startup Is Customising Your Lifestyle Gadgets

A Delhi-Based Startup Is Customising Your Lifestyle Gadgets

I’ve often walked into electronic stores like Croma and complained about the limited colour palette a place with so much potential has to offer. To be surrounded by a spectrum that barely existed beyond its blacks, blues, greys, and whites, when the world out there was so colourful, always seemed like such a shame. Almost a decade ago, Delhi-based Ankush Khera had similar ideas creep into his mind. Subsequently, the entrepreneurial bug bit him and he decided to give India, the first-of-its-kind boutique customisation service provider called ‘Fox My Box’.

Founded in 2013, Fox My Box (FMB) is a creative and experiential mix-media startup that customises a wide range of gadgets and electronics such as laptops, phones, covers, air purifiers, refrigerators, Original Zippo Lighters, cycles, motorbikes, and microphones, along with turnkey concepts for interiors and campaigns for companies. Its unique concepts and out-of-the-box thinking have been a game changer in a saturated market, flooded with established designers. “Design and art was something I admired since I was a kid but I couldn’t pursue it as becoming a Doctor or an Engineer were the only options at that time. Eventually, I came across Colorware, which customises electronics to any choice of colour. This fired up my imagination and I decided to apply to them for a job. With no real skill set to offer, I was rejected. But the idea stayed on”, he tells Homegrown.

Functioning out of a small studio in East Patel Nagar in Delhi—his ‘creative cave’, as he likes to call it—Ankush has worked with the likes of Sennheiser, Cooler Master, Xrig, Atlas Cycles. However, he also works with individuals willing to experiment with the aesthetic of their gadgets. His creative process is dynamic and constantly evolving according to the needs of his customers. On the technical front, once the design strategy has been cemented, there is a five-step process that allows you to personalise your device not just in terms of colour and design, but also the kind of finish you want. FMB also offers a variety of paint such as glow in the dark, thermal reactive or UV reactive paint.

The team at FMB is an intimate one with Ankush, the founder and CEO, and an active social media team to support his creative endeavours. However, Ankush has long held his own. As someone who started out as a lone wolf exhausting all his savings in setting up FMB, he has had to master not just his skills as an artist but also his entrepreneurial and technical skills. “I couldn’t depend on just one institute to teach me what I needed to learn so I had to carve my own path. As a result, I now have a post-graduate diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from IIMC, Delhi. I’ve also spent a good amount of time being trained in Surface Paint Processes by experts at MNCs such as DuPont and AkzoNobel”, says Ankush.

So if you’re looking to jazz up even something as basic as a laptop or a pair of headphones, Fox My Box is exactly what you need. Their latest glow in the dark heat sensitive gaming cabinet, called ‘The Tesseract’, was showcased at Grammer Connect in Chandigarh, and they’ll soon be launching their services for original products as well.

You can see Fox My Box’s work and contact them for the same on their instagram page. You can also email them at hello@foxmybox.com

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