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This NGO Lets You Plant A Tree With Just One Click

From toungue-in-cheek takes on eater conservation in the ‘80s to prominent world leaders deeming global warming a myth - environmental degradation has been at the forefront of media reportage for a while now and it is about time we take some substantial measures to combat it. You cannot take away from those working tirelessly towards restoring the planet to its original state, at the same time, you also cannot overlook how the capitalist world order refuses to allow those who want to help the luxury to take time off and contribute. However, this can change now, all thanks to SankalpTaru.

SankalpTaru, is the first NGO that is enabled by technology to plant trees across the country by and for the people. All one needs to do is visit their website and donate an amount of INR 149 to have a tree planted in their name or that of a loved one. The respective trees are not only to be named after the individual who donated for it but one can also keep a track of their growth online along with the respective location they are planted in with the help of GPS in case they wish to visit or take a closer look at their contribution.

Along with planting trees on behalf of people, the NGO also works towards supporting the rural livelihoods in the country, promote biodiversity, women empowerment and making schools in the country cleaner and greener. One can choose to donate to the four different sectors that the organisation deals with.

These tree-donations are ideal for those who want to make a difference and contribute to the cause of preserving the environment but are in a tight spot because of lack of time. Also, this is could also be the perfect environmentally conscious gift to give.

Click here to plant your own tree.

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