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8 Homegrown Ceramics Brands That Combine Art & Craftsmanship

With the love for all things vintage being more popular than ever, ceramic tableware in pastel shades has been taking over our collective Instagram feeds. Offering a fresh feel to art and design that we know of, these ceramic labels have had us wanting to add earthy pieces to our interiors. While there are a large number of brands and shops that might be selling ceramics, there is something to be said about buying pieces that are unique, handmade, and have genuine thoughts behind them.

From stunning minimalist pieces made in a remote village of Pune to traditional pottery with a contemporary appeal made by rural artisans all over the nation, there are a number of brands offering functional ceramics and the following are some of the brands that we love for both their aesthetics and their background stories.

While we highly recommend taking that pottery class you’ve been anticipating, here are some homegrown ceramic labels that offer an assortment of handcrafted and artisanal products.

A range of blue glazed handmade ceramic tableware and crockery from Curators Of Clay
Image Courtesy: Curators of Clay

I. Curators of Clay

Founded by former media executives Bhairavi Naik and Rohit Kulkarni, Curators of Clay is a clay studio based in Pune that makes stunning handmade ceramic pieces. They have many leading restaurants as their faithful clients and offers everything from mugs, plates, and bowls to teapots. They are innovative in their approach and often share their ceramic making journey on their Instagram page with in-depth information about the work that goes on before it gets to your table.

II. Indus People
Featuring a limited but elegant collection of tableware and stationery, Indus People is a brand that offers beautiful lifestyle products. Selling plates, bowls, and cups in pastel shades and narrating a story behind the inspiration for each collection, Indus People products have a unique way of drawing people in. The minimal designs are often accented with gold detailing and are all inspired by the various textures and colours of India and are entirely locally made.

Range of assorted tableware crockery in pastel colors from Mandala Pottery in Auroville Pondicherry

III. Mandala Pottery
With a range of functional fine ceramic art to offer, Mandala Pottery has been in existence for over two decades and is based out of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. They have a large number of varied functional ceramics in their catalogue that can be made to order and in addition to this, they also have a dedicated section for their unique studio ceramics.

IV. Sienna Store

Sienna Store is the retail brand of Confetti, an organisation attempting to revive terracotta pottery in the nation by helping the artisans practising the craft to sustain themselves. Based out of Kolkata, Sienna Store has grown into more than just a studio and now have a café as well as a co-working space in Park Street. They have also diversified into areas such as woodwork, cane, bamboo, dokra (brass work), and sholapith (Indian cork) crafts.

Handmade white and blue ceramic dinner plate with guavas
The Little Goldfish

V. The Little Goldfish
With a range of unique tableware that is whimsical and has a watercolour-like quality, The Little Goldfish is a brand by ceramic artist Anu Cheeran. Working out of her studio in Trissur, Kerala, the brand offers plates of various sizes, cups, teapots and more. While they are currently selling their products mainly at various flea markets, they are also selling through their Instagram page.

So if you are looking to add some character to your next dinner party, make sure to stock up on these tableware pieces that could double as conversation starters!

VI. Claymen

Channelling an unusual strain of thought-provoking artistry into ceramic objects, Claymen is one such label that delivers quirky figurines and décor pieces that are sure to spruce up any living space. Drawing inspiration from the observations of the common man and his dilemmas, the ceramic accessories portray a story of their own and add character to your interiors!

VII. Lacuna Studio Goa

Shape, form, and textures are the striking elements in Lacuna studio’s soulful range of ceramic pieces. The Goa-based studio is run by Tanushree Singh who seems committed to creating thoughtful pieces that have evolved over a period of time. If some spring shopping is on the agenda and what could be a better addition than terracotta vases and lacuna lamps brightening up your cosy corners.

VIII. Terravida

Say hello to Terravida, a contemporary studio combining rustic Portuguese elements to create meaningful pieces. Their collections for every mood and festive tones that conjure comforting sentiments and moments of pure joy are what speaks to us the most about this brand. We suggest checking out their artisanal dinnerwear and beautifully crafted bowls.

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