#HGDrop: This Homegrown Indian Brand Is Championing Inclusivity Through Makeup

#HGDrop: This Homegrown Indian Brand Is Championing Inclusivity Through Makeup

With the prime motivation of staying true to life, FAE Beauty is the latest addition to the rising number of homegrown beauty brands focusing on products catering to Indians of all colours, sizes, shapes and identities. Free and Equal (FAE) Beauty attempts to make users a part of the product development and to provide transparency with regard to the ingredients they use. With a formulation which they can proudly claim to be paraben free, hypoallergenic, vegan, food grade and cruelty free, they obviously don’t have to shy away from disclosing their ingredients.

FAE Beauty was just launched on nykaa.com with their ‘Buildable Matte Lipstick’, which comes in a range of 5 versatile shades. Each shade is given it’s own little story, which appeals to different personalities. Whether you are feeling too cheeky, too dark, too nude, too basic or just too much, FAE Beauty has a shade that will appeal to you. In addition to the shades that are all suitable to different skin tones, the brand also talks about the versatility of the product. From a sheer wash of color with one swipe to a bold matte look with three swipes, the lipstick is easily buildable, as is mentioned in the product name. But the brand also thinks that their customers are free (and equal) to do as they please with the product and suggests using the lipstick as eye or cheek tints for adding pops of colour to their face.

FAE Beauty, Matte Buildable Lipstick in the shade 'Too Much'

By using ingredients such as castor oil and shea butter that care for the body in addition to prettying it up, the people behind the brand hope to change the way ‘beauty’ is perceived. They hope to pull people into a conversation where everyone can participate, not just those that fit the traditional notion of beauty.

So if you are intrigued enough to try FAE Beauty, you can buy their first launch at nykaa.com and you can stay tuned to their updates on their instagram.

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