This Homegrown Cold Brew Brand Will Change How You Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix

This Homegrown Cold Brew Brand Will Change How You Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix

(We are collaborating with Third Roast Coffee to give away a combo of their delectable cold brews along with some dessert to our readers. Check out the google form at the end of the article)

‘Good things take time’ is an adage we have heard used for many things in life, but coffee, however, is not commonplace. But once the taste of rich, aromatic, and smooth cold brew coffee coats your mouth, it’s undoubtedly worth the wait of 12- 24 hours (of being steeped). You might like your coffee hot, and we are not here to tell you otherwise, but a delicious cold brew with less bitter notes on the right day, hits the spot just right.

So, Delhi, you are in luck. Third Roast Coffee is a cold brew brand that does all the work with much ease so that you can enjoy fresh, slow-brewed cold brew coffee in the comforts of your home or on the go. Using 100% Arabica beans, sourced from a single estate farm in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, they create custom blends of coffee. Brewed for up to 24 hours, in small batches, the brand’s main focus is to ensure consistency in flavor that has given them a community of loyal customers for their artisanship.

Once upon a travel in Vietnam…

The founder Poornima Katyal is a caffeine lover, who discovered cold brew coffee while on a trip to Vietnam. The smooth and rich flavor experience from the coffee didn’t leave her long after her trip. On her return to Delhi, to get her fix, she attempted to perfect her own cold brew making game. Through her myriad of experimentation, she landed on the custom blend of light and medium roast Arabica beans making it a perfect storm in a cup. And what started as a personal interest soon transformed into something bigger; her family and friends were just as hooked to her coffee as she was.

The artisanship of the Third Roast…

Focusing on creating small batches, ensuring consistency in flavor and promoting transparency when it comes to their process, Third Roast is a brand that caters to the conscious youth. Interestingly, the name is rooted in the idea that the world is experiencing its own third wave of coffee. Coffee patrons today commit beyond their daily fix, investing in its process - growing, processing, brewing, packaging and all the other steps in between, to the final quality output. Poornima believes in the craftsmanship of her brews, and the brand is focused on creating a strong community within Delhi for now, than chasing a quick scaled trajectory. Moreover, packaged in glass bottles and offering recycling options for their consumers, is another important step they have taken in being a conscious brand.

The brew breakdown…

Third Roast currently offers five different variants that use their signature brew. Straight up Black is the basic no-fuss black coffee that is intense, rich and perfect for fixing the post-lunch slump. Their Vanilla is a specialty black coffee infused with high-quality vanilla extract and pods lacing the brew with a sweet aroma - sunshine served in a bottle. Paying homage to the country that started the founder’s love for cold brew, Vietnameasy packs a sweet silky punch, thanks to the addition of condensed milk to the signature brew. For those who are more health-conscious, or is a vegan who doesn’t enjoy their coffee plain, Almondo is a smoothie made of almond butter, raw cacao, dates, oats and of course, the signature brew. For those who like to throw it back old school, their Old Skool Brew brings together the signature brew with milk and sugar. While these are the pre-packaged drinks available, they suggest finding your own way to enjoy the brew - on the rocks, with half a cup of milk, or even heated up.

Available at: Third Roast coffee is available in Delhi either through their website, or express delivery via Swiggy and Zomato. It is also kept in select community spaces.

Priced at: Rs.90-150 per bottle, they also have a subscription option for those that get hooked to the brew. If you are looking to learn more about the brand, stay tuned to their Instagram.

We are collaborating with Third Roast Coffee to give away a combo of their delectable cold brews along with some dessert to our readers. To win, fill out the google form here.

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