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Credit - Happy Puppy & Liam Rozario
Credit - Happy Puppy & Liam Rozario

If you suffer from Obsessive Canine Disorder and wish to give your furry little baby nothing but the best, Happy Puppy’s Drishti Brahmania has wholeheartedly dedicated handmade and organic products tailored to the likes of your four pawed wonder. Their playful aura may always stay effervescent and cheerful, but their lustrous furry coats and your little canine cutie of course, needs to be protected at all costs. Statistically, 7/10 dogs contract cancer due to the harmful toxins, parabens and chemicals that are usually in commercial products. Since commercial products do not have any strict laws or regulations with regard to the quality of these pet grooming products and also don’t disclose the true ingredients used. It is vital to ensure that, your dear ol’ pupper’s fur still has it’s sheen and is intact and isn’t suffering from itchy skin and poor fur quality – Happy Puppy’s homegrown products have been specially formulated and comprise of pristine, organic essential oils, free from parabens, toxic additives and artificial fragrances. Not only are these wholesome products doggo friendly, they’re environment friendly, too! It’s filled with goodies and no baddies, for our furry little babies.

What made you direct your attention towards this project, how did Happy Puppy come into being?

7 out of 10 dogs get cancer due to toxins and artificial chemicals found in commercial products. The harmful chemicals found in them are also the reason behind a host of other ailments. Which is why happy puppy was created. Our products are created on the principles of aromatherapy, which is why we only use organic essential oils in our natural formulations.

Tell us more about Happy Puppy.

After one of our furry babies suffered from skin trouble, we went through extensive research. And were shocked to know that some of the chemicals found in commercial grooming products are cancer causing and could potentially be lethal for your pet! They’re also why your pet suffers from problems like dry, itchy skin and poor fur quality, Which is why we formulated our special range of handmade organic products to make bath time nothing but a happy affair. No Harmful Chemicals Free of Parabens, SLS/SLES, toxic additives and artificial fragrances. Cruelty-free Our products are not tested on animals and are made with food grade ingredients. Pure Essential oils Made with pure essential oils. None of that fake fragrance for our furry babies. Made in India All our products are handmade in Mumbai, in limited quantities. So you get the best, always!

Happy Puppy ensures that the products they create are pristine and organic. Pic credit - Liam Rozario

What is the impact on the animal community, why do you suppose people should give paramount importance to this subject?

Animals give us unconditional love, and deserve only the best in return. Due to the lack of regulations in checking the quality of pet grooming products, commercial products included harmful chemicals that were toxic to both the animals and the environment. Commercial pet products do not have to mention all the ingredients used to make them. Our products are natural and great for pets and the environment too. The oils and materials we source are from local organic farms and vendors thus ensuring the quality. Since our brand is homegrown, pet parents have the option of buying an Indian natural pet product that is priced to fit every pocket, instead of choosing a brand that is foreign and costs a bomb. It is important to create awareness in order to make pet parents aware of the harm they’re causing their pets by not being conscious of the ingredients in the products. Our products are transparent with the ingredients used.

How do we activate and galvanize communities to champion this cause and create incremental, yet real change at an individual level?

By reading labels, knowing more about chemicals and understanding the difference between natural and commercial products. Pet parents are unaware of the harm commercial products are causing.

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