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How This 27-Year-Old Gave Up The City Life To Educate Underprivileged Kids In Madhya Pradesh

Kabeer had a fairly traditional path cut out for him. After his MBA, he had got accustomed to the normalcy of the everyday life – job, family and social life. However, a sudden turn of events changed everything for him.

The loss of his mother combined with the fallout of his relationship pushed him into a downward spiral. He longed for peace and solace but couldn’t find it in the selfish pursuits of superficial pleasures. His day job didn’t satiate his spirit and it felt like nothing seemed to work. Finally, he decided to give it all up. He decided to turn his life around. And this gave birth to Tedhi Lakeer.

Kabeer has now completely dedicated his life to community service and educating the poor. He now works in his hometown in Madhya Pradesh where he runs a small school. From free schooling and tuitions, to providing stationery and food during recess, Kabeer has turned his life and has affected several young minds in doing so.

Classism is heavily prominent in this district, and Kabeer often faces heavy criticism and even obstruction given all of the children he caters to come from a backward community. In fact, he has asked us to not use his surname for the very reason that people don’t find about his caste for he wants nothing to do with it.

But there’s only so much he can do. While he regularly conducts food drives for the nearby slum dwellers, the area is in close proximity to a dump yard due to which the children are prone to suffer from diseases and infection. He often takes them to a nearby hospital and they are usually private, given the shoddy state of government hospitals in their area. But nothing will stop him as Kabeer simply keeps going. When asked what his long-term goal is, he simply says, “I will continue till every kid in our country gets educated.”

If Kabeer’s story inspires you, you can also do your bit to help his quest. Kabeer is often in need of ration and items like charpai (sleeping beds). He works with his friend Dharamendra Singh and while they haven’t officially registered themselves as an NGO yet, they do whatever they can to help better their surroundings.

If you want to donate money for Kabeer’s effort and cause, you can send money through Google Pay or Phone Pe at 9691224919 or to 8435886635 through Paytm. You can even contact him on Instagram.

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