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Indian Innerwear Brand Promotes Inclusivity & Sustainability With Their Unique Products

Innerwear brands usually only represent a particular archetype of the physique that does not nearly represent the larger range and demographics of body and skin-types. Each and every one of us has a unique build and we deserve clothing that expresses the essence of who we are. Made using upcycled manufacturing waste and certified organic raw materials, Wear Equal is a social enterprise made by and for women who are unafraid to be unapologetically themselves. Such a brand sets a great precedent in terms of promoting ideas of inclusivity and trying to morph an age-old visual that in no way mirrors realistic bodies.

Preeta Chaudhuri Ghosal conceptualized this brand which is based on the core ideas of sustainability and acceptance in 2018. With over seven years of experience in the social impact space, she was motivated to ideate something that questions formal representation. Post her wedding, she joined the family garment manufacturing business and noticed the amount of wastage of premium quality fabrics produced by the industry. She decided to use the unused fabric in question and started a domestic brand that is sustainable at its core while being premium in quality. This concept was selected to be a part of IIM Bangalore’s Women’s Startup Programme in early 2018 where she received boot camp training alongside 100 other women entrepreneurs from all over India. This lead to the conception of Wear Equal.

Wear Equal promotes usage of upcycled organic cotton and uses plastic-free packaging to get their products across to their customers. It also promotes the idea of intersectional feminism where women from all walks of society are equal & help each other to strengthen their stand in the world. There is a sense of solidarity in their brand ideology and strong and committed practices of conscious design and sustainability add an edge to their overall brand impact. Their products come in four popular styles - Boy Shorts, Bikini, Classic Briefs and Hipsters, featuring classic solids and quirky prints. A wide and inclusive range of sizes assures customers a level of options that are unavailable with many other such brands.

Wear Equal hopes to make sustainable products accessible to the masses and want to reiterate ideas of sustainability, inclusivity, self-love and high quality with their clothing. They also hope to tap into the rural market to sell low-cost underwear to women who don’t have access to sanitary products. The same will be executed by following a hybrid business model that is in the making. The brand is rooted in responsible entrepreneurship and integrates quality design with ethical intent.

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Source: Wear Equal (IG)
Source: Wear Equal (IG)

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