This Indian Brand’s Braille Inspired Necklace Aims To Encourage Inclusivity & Equality - Homegrown

This Indian Brand’s Braille Inspired Necklace Aims To Encourage Inclusivity & Equality

It is rare for a jewellery brand to comment on social issues let alone curate pieces that encourage a dialogue about the same. Ritumainty Mondal’s Perthro embodies the problems faced in urbanity and translates them into artisanal statement pieces. It is integral to fashion to enable conversations and it is of even more significance that the young Indian boldly but sensitively integrates awareness with fashion. Perthro finds itself in unchartered territory as it comments upon sexuality, gender hetero-normativity and discrimination. Its ‘Equality’ Neckpiece is an embodiment of the values of democratic expression essential in this day and age.

The Equality Neckpiece

The topic of equality has become even more relevant in today’s scape with everything that is happening in our social and cultural paradigm. Discrimination has seeped into urbanity and there is prejudice and injustice in every walk of life. People are blinded by false constructs set by caste, gender, and class, to name a few. The intense gaze of the public coupled with the constant judgement that comes with it has people feeling despondent and dejected. The Equality Neckpiece urges you to practice justice in your everyday. The words on the pendant are written in Braille to send out the sensitive but immensely bold message that fashion and societal interaction, in general, should be about breaking barriers and including everyone regardless of these false social constructs. Perthro urges you to wear your heart on your sleeve and stand for change in times when it matters the most. Inclusivity and acceptance form the ethos of this brand as they break through perception and rigidity, one statement piece at a time.

Source: Perthro
Source: Perthro

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