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Indian Brand Wants You To Experience Pleasure Better With Their Inclusive Range of Sex Products

(We are collaborating with Guptt to give free personalised sex toys to our readers. Check out the Google form at the end of the article to learn more)

From judgemental gynaecs who frown at pre-marital sex to chattering aunties who can’t stop yattering about how the newly-wed girl is showing no signs of pregnancy, we have been plagued by an excess of people telling us that sex is something we cannot indulge in simply for pleasure.

In fact, pleasure itself often finds itself hiding behind hushed tones and smirks in our country. Sex education was a two-day joke at most of our schools and the core of the matter usually got lost in translation as instructors tried navigating something they found awkward and vile. In movies, it was either flowers kissing or trees trembling. The result has been generations of kids who have complicated relationships with identity, sex, and pleasure. (Remember when you used to close your eyes or gush with shame or even freeze in your seat when a sex-scene came on while you’re watching something with your family?) Sexual representation has such an odd trajectory in our country that it swings between hysterical and problematic. We have shied away from discussing it in our homes and our education system is simply devoid of any formative information that we require to navigate life as adults. Half a dozen awkward encounters, conversations have had us stumbling and falling while treading on the path of self-taught sex education. Pleasure is something that plays such a significant role in our personal lives but it is also something that we largely don’t discuss as a society. For a people who created the Kamasutra, we are surprisingly averse towards visuals, discourses, and products that normalize sex and pleasure. Indian brand Guptt aims to respond to these cultural norms that have had Indians shying away from expressing their sexual needs for far too long. Society has us ashamed of the very urges that are so very primitive and natural.

Guptt is an all-inclusive liberation brand, challenging social stigma around sexuality and bringing it home to the sacral chakra. It tries to fill the gap in the Indian society by offering a range of self-stimulation products.

From the unrealistic portrayal of sex and bodies within mainstream media to inequality and insensitivity between genders, there is a real dearth of understanding when it comes to sex and the health benefits of orgasm. Sex toys in modern India continue to be a taboo. Even though the sexual revolution is driven by women, the market for adult products is dominated by men and focused on their pleasure and fantasies. “What is clearly missing is the female perspective on sexuality and intimacy,” says Ute Pauline Wiemer, co-founder, LoveTreats. To this end, Guptt has come up with vibrators that can help women explore and understand their body and erogenous zones. Products like Ben wa balls are great for women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, especially after pregnancy. A stronger pelvic floor means more intense and pleasurable orgasms.

Talking about men, sex is something they talk about quite a lot but most of the conversations about prowess mostly find space in the skewed patriarchal understanding of ‘manhood’. This is why conversations about issues like premature ejaculation never come around. Masturbation and sex toys have actually been known to be useful in improving men’s stamina. And then there’s the prostate! This is the male g-spot which many men fail to explore due to social stigma. Not only does the prostate provide 30% more intense orgasms than penile orgasm alone, but it’s proven that prostate massage can also help men with conditions like Erectile Dysfunction. Furthermore, these prostate massagers can be worn by a man whilst he’s penetrating his partner which both will feel the benefit of.

Guptt strives to create more than just a company - they aim to create a community. A whole spectrum of representation and values rooted in acceptance, liberty, and self-actualization set this brand apart.

The products are inclusive in nature and everything from strap-ons to vibrators can be found. Multiple typologies of simulations with variations that can help one find exactly what they need are available. They donate 5% of every transaction to NGO’s who support schools in providing an all-inclusive approach to sex education including LGBTQI. They also work very closely with underprivileged children that have been exposed to sexual abuse, provide rescue and rehabilitation for victims of sex trafficking and campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and support victims that have gone through the same. Guptt sets a great precedent and caters to an urbanity that craves such products in a market where there are barely any available.

You can shop for their products here.

We are collaborating with Guptt to give free personalised sex toys to our readers. To win, fill out the Google form here.

Feature image illustration by Akanksha Bhatt for Homegrown

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