Stay Indoors & Watch These 10 Documentaries While You Are Self-Quarantined

Stay Indoors & Watch These 10 Documentaries While You Are Self-Quarantined

It’s the work-from-home season and we’re all about catching up on our favourite documentaries on Netflix and other platforms. If you’re looking to get rid of your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. addiction, here is a list of 10 documentaries by Indian and International filmmakers, at your perusal.

Indian Documentaries:

I. Period. End Of Sentence.

An Oscar-Winning Documentary that talks about the stigma surrounding a woman’s menstrual cycle against the backdrop of rural India. The women of a village fight against patriarchal traditions and start manufacturing sanitary pads. The film is made by a team led by women, many of them Indians ( Guneet Monga). Suggestion: Also watch the Oscar ceremony where the film won and feel the emotions of the filmmakers as they receive it, it’s surreal. The film is available on Netflix and has a run time of only 26 minutes!

II. Wild Karnataka

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a cinephile, this film is a must-watch for everyone alike. A one of a kind Ultra HD film on Karnataka’s rich Biodiversity narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Portraying the state with the highest number of Tigers and Elephants using the latest in technology, Wild Karnataka is a historical masterpiece showcasing the state, its flora, fauna and its sheer natural beauty. Covering every habitat across four years to document and celebrate the spectacular diversity of a single Indian state. Filmed fully in 4K, using not just aerial, but hidden cameras, the film reveals some of the most intimate moments of natural history. Watch the movie here.

III. Celluloid Man

This one is for the avid cinephile. The film is a tad bit long with a run time of 2 hours and 16 minutes. It’s an investigative documentary on the life and contribution by P.K. Nair, the founder of National Film Archive of India which has managed to preserve all types of films by Indian filmmakers and has an extensive library being used by film schools like Film and Television Institute of India to educate their students. His effort to preserve Indian cinema is documented in Celluloid Man.

IV. Ladies’ First

An inspirational survival story of Deepika Kumari who, as a girl born on the roadside to abject poverty in rural India, went in search of food, stumbled upon archery, and within 4 years became the Number One archer in the World. For those who don’t know Deepika Kumari, she represented India at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and currently ranks 686 on the World Archery table. Her story is one that needs to be told to everyone as it is an example of females who have outdone themselves in a niche sports category on an international level. Watch the documentary here.

Source: IMDB, World Archery

V. Rubaru Roshni

Directed by Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal, and narrated and produced by Aamir Khan, Rubaru Roshni aims to throw light on both sides of the story in an unbiased manner. Touted as a historical documentary by Netflix, the film aims to explore how and why the victims have chosen to forgive the perpetrators and how the tragic incident impacted their lives. The film is available on Netflix.

Source: GQ India

International Documentaries

I. Putin’s Witnesses

This documentary looks at the rise of Vladimir Putin using video material never shown before. The two-part film begins its examination with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the year 2000. Vitaly Manski has a way of narrating the story of the Russian elections of 2000 which leaves a lot of scope for conspirator stories as well as fact checks. He incorporates a lot of footage from his personal life as well as the coverage he shot as a state-appointed broadcaster. This is a must-watch for anyone who is intrigued by Putin’s 20-year reign over Russia. The documentary sheds light on Russian politics and what has led to present-day Russia in itself. You can watch the 43-minute documentary here.

II. Bob Dylan- Rolling Thunder on Revue

The Rolling Thunder Revue was a 1975–1976 concert tour by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan with numerous musicians and previous collaborators. Directed by the master of filmmaking, Martin Scorsese, a tale of fact and fantasy about the legend that is Bob Dylan. So head to the link and enjoy a narration worthy of your Coronacation. Also, read a compelling review of the film here.

III. Minimalism

How might your life be better with less? Matt D’Avella brings his compelling storytelling skills to showcase how best to live your life in the most minimalistic fashion. A need of the hour perhaps, the documentary takes us through the thought and techniques behind reducing your consumption of goods and rejecting the American ideology of materialism. While Indians practice a certain level of sustainability, the likes of our generation are enamored by the westerners. Watch it if you are looking to switch your consumption style. Watch the documentary here.

IV. Rocco

Want to watch a porn movie that showcases both artistry and humanity while also making you feel 99% less guilty by watching it? Then welcome to the 2016 documentary Rocco —now streaming on Netflix— about the very well-hung Rocco Siffredi as he’s about to hang up his banging career of 1,300+ pornographic films (with such great names as 1987’s Grand Prixxx, 1990’s Total Reball, and 2002’s The Ass Collector) and put his clothes on for good! A good distraction from the on-goings in the outside world. Watch the film here.

Source: Decider

V. Pandemic

This one hits too close to home given the situation at hand. No need to panic as the documentary only talks about what to do in the case of a mass pandemic. Follow it or not, it’s an interesting watch and will only employ you with skills to prevent the contraction of any viruses coming your way. Watch it with an open mind and try to spread your information along as these are testing times. The documentary is available on Netflix.

This list is the author’s personal go-to for this Corona Season. We would like to hear more suggestions from our readers. Let’s stay indoors and do what we do best, Netflix and chill!

Feature Image Credit: Netflix, New Scientist

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