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Indian Label Helps Create Safety Masks By Re-Using Scrap Cloth To Combat COVID-19

The Corona virus has taken the world by storm and there is a general scarcity of resources in the country and world. In this dirth, a plethora of brands are rising to the occasion and offering their services and resources to create essential products or to raise awareness about the virus. Simultaneously, sustainable design practices that are on the rise because the urban Indian believes in living intentionally and engaging with brands that have a strong ethical and creative ethos. The ethos of a brand is usually driven by a combination of the collective’s beliefs and experiences and we want to highlight the work of one such brand that is doing all things good in there dire times. ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra is re-using old material to cater to a need to supply masks for safety to the general public.

‘ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra ’ is an ingenious, ready to wear brand, which creates a strong aesthetic approach to be bold, fearless and unapologetic. The label has an expressive direction driven by the urge to be different and extending individuality beyond comfort zones by experimenting and exploring new material to create a juxtapose dialogue about imperfection and challenging the status quo. ADK finds its identity by creating a dialogue that impacts the creative culture pushing the boundaries forward and constantly challenging cultures.

As a critical situation is faced by all countries, including our own, India. ADK is taking this moment as a reminder to come together and make a difference. They hope to create and inspire, to support our community in this tough moment and to do the same by minimizing the impact of the COVID-19 virus in our country. Considering the swiftness of the crisis and the lack of time we have had to generate equipment that can be used for safety, the company has pledged to utilize old cloth and create facemasks for the public with it. This is instrumental in creating necessary products keeping sustainability in mind.

“Taking our waste fabrics from our old seasons and creating facemask for your safety. Our motive is to make the environment less impactful and be more selfless with each other. We created facemask, which is easily washable, easily wearable as one size can fit all and have colors that bring joy that we all need.

We have sold several facemasks to different states and regions till now and received positive feedback from our customers.

For now, We want to make sure that our Country is safe and connected. We will get through this together”.

-ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra.

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