#HGAcademy: Pro-Gamers Scout, GodNixon’s & Nimish’s Suggestions & Insights Into The ESports World - Homegrown

#HGAcademy: Pro-Gamers Scout, GodNixon’s & Nimish’s Suggestions & Insights Into The ESports World

#HGAcademy: At a time when our physical spaces are confined and movement is stifled, the only constant in our lives is our own creativity. For a while, we, at Homegrown have been toying with the idea of evolving our platform into space that inspires generations to believe that their career paths are not limited to those shaped by our society and that there is a world out there that where creative industries are thriving. Our sole motivation behind this attempt is to shift the needle in the Indian creative industries.

Homegrown as a brand has always stood for responding to the Indian youth’s needs, and to this end, we bring to you HG Academy, to teach you everything your school didn’t. As we spend our days inside our homes and within ourselves, HGAcademy with its commune of creative thought leaders and pioneers will teach you the basics that you might not get access to elsewhere. We hope for it to evolve into a culture of creation, collaboration, discovery through an exchange of thoughts & ideas.

The coming weeks will see digital festivals, skill-building sessions, new personal & professional strategies and similar efforts towards connecting you to the world of creators to learn and be inspired. The aim is to deep-dive into the creative process, new ways of learning, re-imagination of old ways and experience and learn more. This session, we have e-Sports legends Scout, Nimish and GodNixon educating us professional gaming.

Tanmay Singh goes by the gaming name Sc0ut and is a skilled PubG player who has amassed a massive following for himself on social media. He is an ideal example of someone who has managed to immerse himself in the gaming space and has charted a professional trajectory for himself. He games for the Fanatic team, India’s largest collective of gamers and his teammates are FnaticOweis, FnaticRonak, FnaticInyourdreams, and FnaticParitosh. Scout is an IGL, scouter, flanker, and assaulter. He is currently the best assaulter in the country with unmarked skills of spraying that have set a new bar for other Indian gamers. He is widely known for his M416+6x spray and and his PUBG ID Number is 5144286984 and his PUBG Character is FNC sc0utOC. Scout is 22 years old and comes from from Valsad, Gujarat. He is inspired by popular Twitch streamer and ex-pro Shroud. Scout is a known name in Indian E-Sports and is the most suitable person to educate young Indians on professional gaming and the workings of the E-Sports world.

GodNixon is a famous PUBG Mobile Player of India. He made videos informing on Tricks & Crate Opening. God Nixon’s name is Luv Sharma and his following watch his videos to see new tips and tricks to master their skillset. He has about 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel which he started on 5 December 2018. He and Scout have revolutionised the Indian gaming space and have amassed a loyal following both on gaming platforms and social media platforms. Their ability to establish a digital presence beyond the realms of the console has lead to a new typology of gamer; that is, one that communicated and works as an influencer while practicing as a gamer.

We first asked Scout to tell us some of his influences and he told us that he is inspired by Ronaldo and his discipline to the game and that he loves the movie Rocky. These are some of the responses we got from the boys when asked to comment on the gaming space:


3 ways you think e-sports will change the sporting landscape in India:

Scout said that a generalisation of e-sports as a skill based activity that can be conducted professionally will inspire more and more gamers to take it up and make them realise that they don’t have to do anything they don’t like and that gaming can be a legitimate career.

He hopes to use his platform to motivate more gamers to create content and hopes that it brings new opportunities for all gamers.

People will start taking gaming more seriously and an increase in the number of quality gamers representing our country will concretise Gaming’s credibility as an actual sport.

2 things you would like to do for the fans when you get the chance:

-Open a massive gaming house for his fans and other players.

-Start a huge eSports organisation that represents Indian gamers.


What are your personal goals and hopes for the gaming industry:

Nixon says that if someone ask him for any tips for creating gaming content, he wants his answer to be the real you because that’s what the audience want to see in any creator.

He also hopes to be consistent and creative.

He wants people to see gaming as a career option.

2 things you would like to do for the fans when you get the chance:

He wants to celebrate celebrate his 1 million milestone with his fans.

He wants to play pubg mobile with them in real life.

What are some of your inspirations:

“My favourite athlete is LeBron James.and I know many people gets there inspiration from movies or documentaries but I got my inspiration from an anime called Naruto.its really very special to me because from it I’ve learnt that ‘Hard work can beat talent”- GodNixon.

We also have some suggestions by Nimish who is the country head of Fanatic India:

-Follow @afkgaming and @theesportsobserver for news related to e-sports and gaming at large
-Look at e- sports similar to any sport and a team like any other sports franchise
-There are lots of areas where one can contribute and work within e-sports like cab range from marketing, sales to design and music
-Find your passion for gaming and pinpoint what you love
-Your passion and inspirations will help you chart your next step

Gaming For Good:

Pocket Aces Loco, in association with Fnatic will exclusively live stream #GamingForGood, a PUBG Mobile charity tournament, that will take place from April 3 to April 5 between 3 pm and 9 pm. This is an initiative taken to raise funds and help some of those affected due to the currently ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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