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A Complete List Of Apps & Websites For Home Delivery Of Alcohol In India

Remaining stuck at home for months at a time has become as natural as breathing right now. Our lifelong dream of having a long stretch of sleep days, aka cheat days is here to stay for a while now. Just that it doesn’t seem so fun anymore. Unless of course you know how to make it so. For all those who were too afraid to queue up by the crowded off-shops in the metropolitans, we have good news for you. The central government has suggested that states consider alcohol home delivery amidst the lockdown. This is good news for all those people who have been cursing the quarantine for not having to battle the heat without some chilled beer.

Disclaimer: Your liquor bottles are going to cost more because of the raised excise duties states have levied on them.

For example, in Delhi they have already imposed a 70 per cent special corona fee on liquor after starting e-tokens on May 7, 2020. And now, other states are also in talks with food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato to consider more possibilities for home delivery.

Without further, ado, here’s a list of the websites and apps delivering alcohol depending on the state that you are in. But, even though liquor may be available in certain parts of your state, you being able to avail it depends on whether your state has resumed the service yet.

In other news, food delivery giants like Zomato and Swiggy have started delivering alcohol to your locations provided you have a permit for alcohol home delivery.

The companies said they would deliver in Odisha, Jharkhand and Maharashtra as of now. Despite facing a lot of backlash from local retail liquor stores, the aggregators have procured the NOC in major states.

You may read the entire report here.

To know more about how to order liquor through these apps, click here.

I. Delhi

Go to www.qtoken.in and click on “Apply for Liquor Purchase Token. The website issues only 50 tokens per hour. You must then fill in your details, select the wine shop closest to you. Choose your items and then the website will issue an e-token that mentions the time window during which you will be permitted to visit that particular wine shop and pick up your order. You have to carry your Government ID, with you. Your limit is capped at 9 litres of alcohol per person, or one beer case. Remember to wear a mask when you go to the wine shop. No more than 5 people will be allowed at a time in the shop.

II. Tamil Nadu

Download the TASMAC Online App, feed in your details, add your order to the cart and pay online. Your liquor will be delivered to your door step.

III. West Bengal

In West Bengal you can place orders through the State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO). Log on to the website: https://excise.wb.gov.in/eRetail/Page/eRetail_Login.aspx and feed in all your details. Place your order and you will receive your alcohol home delivery.

IV. Punjab

In Punjab, each neighbourhood will have an allocated delivery window and only registered delivery persons, with proper IDs and curfew passes will be allowed to deliver in an authorised vehicle. As in most other states, no more than five people will be allowed to gather in front of the liquor store. The stores will remain open only from 9am to 1pm.

V. Chattisgarh

If you stay at any green zone in Chattisgarh, register yourself through the website, https://excise.cg.nic.in/csmcl/ or download the CSMCL Online on Google Play Store. Feed in your details and place orders as per your choice. You can order upto 5 litres of liquor at a time, and will be charged Rs.120 for each order.

VI. Odisha

Residents of Odisha can place their orders at the state’s Beverage Corporation Limited website. Log on to https://osbc.co.in/Onlinepay/RetailLogin.aspx to place your orders.

Zomato has a list of wine shops on their app.

VII. Maharashtra

Even though the Maharashtra government has allowed for the e-token system for liquor stores, these services will not be available in Mumbai, which is the worst hit Coronavirus hotspot in the entire country. The same can be said for Thane, Aurangabad and Nagpur. The alcohol home delivery system will begin in the state starting Thursday. For now, people can log on to http://www.mahaexcise.com/ and register themselves, after which they will receive an e-token for the shop closest to them. They can go and collect their orders at their respective time slots. A cap of 12 litres has been placed for all orders. Reports suggest that an improved and sophisticated system will come into place, starting Thursday. Depending on its success, the government may look into opening services in Mumbai as well.

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