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Watch Award-Winning Films On This New OTT Platform Only For Indian Independent Cinema

With the pandemic raging in full swing in India for the past 6 months, performance art has taken a nosedive, as film shoots, theatre, and dance recitals have been stalled around the country. Even though too much alone time at home has made us eternally hooked onto Netflix and the like, it has made us grossly unaware of a lot of different kind of content that is being produced around us.

Until recently, there was no platform showcasing Indian independent cinema on a small screen. This is why, national award-winning movies, as well as movies which won accolades in other film festivals around the world, had no place to be screened in India. Film festival organiser Gaurav Raturi decided to solve the problem by bridging the gap between Indian indie films and cinema lovers in the country. He created a new project called Cinemapreneur, which is a TVOD model specifically dedicated to indie cinema in India. Unlike Netflix or Amazon, that require one to avail monthly or annual subscription, at Cinemapreneur, you simply pay for the film you watch.

The OTT was launched on 01 August with 25 films — including Marathi feature Kondan on farmer suicide, Mrs Nambiar: More Than Just A Teacher – a documentary on a pre-independence-era teacher, a short film called Arabian Nights on the imagination and oddity of flat Earth societies, and others.

You can check out the platform here.

You can check out their Instagram here.

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