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Heypache: India’s First Homegrown Fermented Pineapple Drink Is Now In Delhi

People today are more conscious than ever about what they consume and put into their bodies. As they opt for healthier, better, sustainable and ethical choices, brands too are becoming more and more aware of their demands and catering to these needs. Among the list of brands aiding the clean switch is Heypache – India’s first pineapple tepache. Tepache is essentially a Mexican drink made by fermenting pineapple peels and rinds and sweetened with the help of brown sugar. Heypache is made using pineapple, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, and water.

In their own words, “When Heypache was first imagined, it was made for all the poets. For the seekers of beauty and all those who understand the language of sunsets and are not bothered by its transient yet repetitive nature. Every bottle of Heypache is like a sunset. It’s ephemeral in its beauty and soothing in its experience.”

Founded by Nandini Bansal and Sandeep Singh, Heypache intends to add extra probiotics into your diet. The fizzy drink is a preservative and additive-free, vegan immunity booster which is 100% natural and is said to aid digestion.

Expanding on their range of Tepache, the next in line is Midnight Berry. Infused with Blackcurrants, Midnight Berry will is an exotic take on Heypache.

Priced at ₹150 for 200 ml, the drink is currently available only in Delhi at Greenr Outlets as well as on Kaze.

You can learn more about Heypache here.

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