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‘Showgirls Of Pakistan’ Opens Up The Window Into The Lives Of 3 Fearless Women

It is said that respect must be ‘earned’ and that to do so, you must work respectable jobs, fulfil societal expectations and ‘make something’ of yourself. In South Asian societies, one could strive to do just this but even the best may never be enough.

Showgirls Of Pakistan’ is a documentary that follows the lives of three women –– Afree, Uzma and Reema –– who simply have let go of everything mentioned above. As it is known here, ‘sharam’ and ‘haya’ seem to be rightfully amiss in the lives of these three female performers that cater to various audiences.

Directed by Saad Khan, the documentary shows the women who cater to the audience that openly condemns the shows they secretly enjoy. Considered disgraceful, shameful and against all values, Showgirls Of Pakistan’s leading ladies live a life like no other –– in the midst of a widespread misogynistic mindset –– one that is best described through this documentary.

We are sure that once you watch the trailer, you too, will not be able to wait to see the lives of these resilient and vibrant women packed into 106 minutes.

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