A Homegrown Brand Creating Timeless, Gender-Neutral, & Eco-Friendly Collections

A Homegrown Brand Creating Timeless, Gender-Neutral, & Eco-Friendly Collections
One Less

It has been proven that fashion and sustainability can very well go in hand-in-hand. An industry that creates 10 percent of all carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, may be an exciting space for creativity to come to life, but in 2021, it is past high time we create responsibly.

Providing us with sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials is One Less, a fashion brand that is ethical and aims to make sustainable fashion accessible. A conversation with Hansika Chhabria, Founder and CEO of One Less lends us some insights into the world of fashion, inspiration, and the environmental need of the hour.

The birth of One Less took place from a rather simple yet much-needed ideology. Hansika explains, ‘The overproduction of trendy, cheap, and disposable clothes made using unethical and unsustainable practices, fueled by fast fashion, sparked the need for One Less. With our simple, timeless, gender-neutral pieces, we aim to inspire individuals to steer away from over consumption-based on fashion trends and towards long term investments.’

The brand sources organic cotton, jute, and bamboo from all over the country, and also uses natural materials such as plants, flower petals, roots, and seeds to dye clothing. ‘In collaboration with Natural Dye House in Tamil Nadu, our dyeing processes are carried out with zero or negative footprint and the little waste that is produced, gets reused as manure,’ Hansika tells us.

The homegrown sustainable and eco-friendly fashion movement has allowed us to accept the idea of investing in timeless, staple basics that allow us the possibility of longevity while maintaining a desired fashionable style. Hansika corroborates, ‘At One Less, we try and steer away from these trends, focusing on clothing items that can we worn and re-worn for years to come.’

The designs at One Less are nothing short of impressive, with clean and thoughtful creativity that belongs inside anyone’s wardrobe. With the intention to make the consumers feel like they are contributing to ‘one less’ environmentally hazardous and gender binary-bound decision, One Less compels you to rethink your fashion consumption habits, and make a switch for good.

Hansika tells us, ‘Our designs are inspired by a need to integrate sustainability into our daily lives. By focusing on simple, easy to wear designs, our customers have the freedom to either dress up or dress down our pieces.’ You’ll see that she is absolutely spot-on as you browse through their stunning collections.

Find One Less and their collections here.

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