Homegrown Streetwear Brand KiRu Is All For Sustainability & Gender Inclusivity

Homegrown Streetwear Brand KiRu Is All For Sustainability & Gender Inclusivity

Among the various ways to ensure a better future for those who will inhabit the planet in years to come, sustainability tops the list. An aspect that must span across various industries, sustainability and sustainable products and services allow us the opportunity to do and be better on an everyday basis.

As the Gen-Z would agree, we truly appreciate brands with a sense of responsibility towards the planet and also practice and promote equality across all spheres. KiRu (Kindness Is ‘Round Us), a sustainable genderless streetwear clothing and lifestyle brand, is an amalgamation of all this goodness. This Mumbai-based startup was put into motion by stylists and designers, Krithika and Ruchika.

KiRu goes beyond the trifecta of responsible sourcing, ethical production, and conscious packaging, and makes concerted efforts to revive Indian crafts. Team KiRu says, “We aim to be sustainable while bringing a unique look and feel to traditional street style from India with a mix of culture and trend.”

Their inaugural collection, ‘Duality’, which took shape through the pandemic, features products such as tote bags, bucket hats, shorts, shirts, and more.

There will always be space in the world for good and genuine practices, and KiRu, in their own special way, contributes to it. They embody all our favourite things – inclusivity, support for local practices, and sustainability!

Find KiRu here.

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