Here’s How You Can Start Your Own Streetwear Brand - Homegrown

Here’s How You Can Start Your Own Streetwear Brand

In the past few years, India’s love and appreciation for streetwear has increased tremendously. With hip-hop taking over the cultural realm globally, it was only time it would make its way to our country. All facets of street have started to seep into our pop culture – hip-hop music, sneakers, street art, clothing and more. It’s an exciting time for young creatives across the board.

While some really innovative and promising homegrown brands have mushroomed throughout the country, none of them seem to be on the cusp of truly shaking things up. This maybe a result of several factors such as cultural barriers and financial constraints. However, a key reason is also the lack of education. There haven’t really been any boundary pushing Indian brands to set a benchmark and serve as an inspiration for creative entrepreneurs. This results in the lack of a template or blueprint of cultural success. But historically, people with the right intent and spirit have persevered. And with the internet, anything is possible.

If you’ve dreams of starting a streetwear label and have no idea where to start, The Casual channel on YouTube is the right place for you. Their ‘How To Start Your Streetwear Brand’ chronicles the various initial steps required to truly start your engine of success. From brand philosophy and customer profile, to production costs and brand marketing, this 10-part series has it all and serves as a mini-masterclass for beginners.

So, if you’ve the inkling to truly do something big, this is a good place to start!

The Casual On YouTube

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