‘Ladies First’ Is India’s Only Women Led Street Art Festival

‘Ladies First’ Is India’s Only Women Led Street Art Festival
'Dizzy' by Anpu Varkey in Mahim, Mumbai (image credit : Ladies First)

With street art becoming a vital constituent of India’s cultural paradigm, it’s only fair that the facets of it become all the more inclusive. Be it hip-hop, graffiti or fashion, we need more female talent to be nurtured for the narrative to move forward. This can only be done by empowering the existing ones and giving them the same playing field; so as to inspire the next generation of artists. And ‘Ladies First’ is here just to do that.

Graffiti agency Wicked Broz are collaborating with the Military Road Residents Welfare Association (MRRWA) for India’s first women-led street art festival. Organised from the 25th to 31st of March at the Marol Art Village in Andheri, Mumbai this festival aims to give a dedicated platform to the top female talent in the country to showcase their talent.

More than 30 of the top female artists and illustrators will be working their magic on around 10,000 sqft of running walls, multi-storied buildings and installations. Some of the artists are Anpu, Sam Sam, Avantika Mathur, Shirin Shaikh, Lena McCarthy, Kesar Khinvasara and Abigail Aroha Jesen. Additionally, the festival will also have other activities such as workshops, art exhibitions, talks, hip-hop cyphers and screening of street art films.

So head over to Ladies First’s Instagram for further details and be a part of history.

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