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Uzair Merchant’s Latest Release, ‘Stardust’, Is The World’s First NFT Music Video

For UAE-based Indian musician Uzair Merchant, spearheading impressive milestones and global trends is no biggie. Merchant had established his global presence as India’s first production designer in Hollywood and his work speaks for itself in releases such as Deadpool 2, Misfits, Star Trek Beyond, Fast Furious, and Skyfall among others.

In another remarkable feat achieved by the artist, Merchant has gone on to release the world’s very first NFT music video. The international musical collaboration includes artists from Vancouver and Dubai with Uzair spearheading the same. The track, Stardust, is an artistic expression of Uzair’s heartbreaking struggle during the pandemic when his father was deemed immobile due to a cardiac arrest.

“Stardust is a tussle between two worlds where the character is desperate for an escape to find answers, only to learn life has a flow of its own. It is to be observed, not fought with – the idea that we all come from Stardust and to Stardust we shall return.”  

— Uzair Merchant to UAE News

The track instantly shot to fame and also won the notable New York Movie Awards 2021 & Milan Gold Awards 2021 under the categories of ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best Original Song’ respectively. The entire song which was shot on an iPhone across India, Canada and Dubai is now being scaled to newer heights as it will be available for minting as an NFT.

Stardust has also been purchased by an upcoming TV show, ‘Black Rose’ shot by Hollywood Director James Bamford.

In a transformative development in the rapidly evolving NFT market, Uzair’s innovation has started a dialogue on the future of music and art in NFTs. The video which will be minted as fractional NFTs will be viewed as a security token offering both the producers of the TV show and the owners of the track an equal share in the market space and the minting that follows.

Uzair’s initiative is surely turning heads in the tech and music space as this innovation could be the beginning of a new revolution for the future of NFTs in India and internationally.

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