Meeting In The Middle: Homegrown Brands Combining Streetwear Designs With Athleisure

Meeting In The Middle: Homegrown Brands Combining Streetwear Designs With Athleisure
(L) Bonkers Corner (R) Balav

The Indian athleisure market is on the rise and has already touched the ₹54,000 crore mark. Athletic brands have already adapted to the growing trends by making athleisure clothing more durable, waterproof, and breathable as athleisure becomes a medium of self-expression for millennials and Gen-Z-ers seeking comfort, functionality, and fashion.

Today, the youth is leaning towards athleisure and streetwear that surpasses gender and societal norms. These homegrown brands are on our radar for combining the functionality of athleisure with trending streetwear designs.

I. Struct

“Struct’s philosophy is rooted in creating timeless pieces of clothing through an aesthetic that is uniquely our own.”

As a brand, their designs elevate classic silhouettes to combine them with streetwear-referenced design. Struct balances this contrast and places itself between classic silhouettes and experimental clothing.

Image Courtesy: Struct

II. Balav

Balav is a luxury and conscious brand born in 2021 with an aim to normalise experimenting. The founder, Vaishnavi Bala’s interest in fashion comes from the time her grandma made her a backless velvet dress held together with a metal ring.

Image Courtesy: Balav

III. Bonker’s Corner

Bonker’s Corner manages to find a spot for itself by delivering popular athleisure trends at affordable prices, ranging from basics to themed collections.

Image Courtesy: Bonker's Corner

IV. 1947IND

Intending to popularise and make a brand out of Indian cities and organisations, a trend otherwise popular with clothing adorning U.S. cities, states, and space organisations, 1947Ind aims to play with the same trend, albeit with an Indian touch.

Image Courtesy: 1947IND

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