Mharokhet: An Experiential Farm That Is A Celebration Of Foods & People Who Grow Them

Mharokhet: An Experiential Farm That Is A Celebration Of Foods & People Who Grow Them

There is an undeniable charm to a shared table of food with friends and loved ones. If we look closely food can tell stories. It is so much so a community experience, whether it is the coming together of people at a chai tapri or for a thali at a local restaurant or the large queues at a famous street stall. But as much as food is a shared experience, very rarely do we pause to think where our food actually comes from.

Farms and farm workers seem like such a distant reality when we are enjoying our favourite dishes. It is in this context that ‘farm-to-table’, a social movement first came into focus. Promoting the community aspect of food, it mainly deals with using local ingredients sourced directly from those that grow the crops.

Now ‘MharoKhet’, an experiential farm experience on the outskirts of Jodhpur focused on regenerative practices is offering farm tours and culinary experiences that are farm-to-table in the truest sense. Growing a gamut of exotic and native herbs, fruits, and vegetables naturally without any chemicals, their estate is home to more than 80 varieties of nutritious crops and is primarily a women-run operation.

The experience involves farm tours, culinary trails of seven-course pre-plated plant-forward meals, a flagship experience, and private dining under a canopy of trees and a two-decade-old guava orchard. Open for guests from October to March, the peak season for exotic produce, one can pre-book private or group experiences and engage in a variety of farm-based activities.

Promoting responsible farming and sustainable practices, they avoid the use of plastics as much as possible and engage in regenerative practices like trickle drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting. Founded by scientist and businessman, Rajnush Agarwal and his psychologist wife Vedika, the farm also actively focuses on women’s empowerment and community engagement. In fact, the field team at MharoKhet primarily consists of women who reside in villages within a five-kilometer radius.

Mharokhet embodies all that a forward-thinking and broad-minded homegrown brand should be. It is a way to empower communities, give them their due integrity, is environmentally kind and brings people together through food.

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