Unique Homegrown Furniture Design Studios On Our Radar
Image Courtesy: White Studios

Unique Homegrown Furniture Design Studios On Our Radar

The right piece of furniture can add a lot of character to your space, giving people an insight into your creative and artistic side as well as your personality. At Homegrown, we recognise that when it comes to the younger generations, they love to express themselves with not just the way they dress or curate their feeds but also with the way that they interact with their spaces and the aesthetic they lend them. If its self-expression you are looking for in your home decor, you need to check out these furniture design practices that are combining artistic aesthetic with craftsmanship finesse and offering the most unique pieces.

I. Rhizome

Reviving the love for bamboo objects and furniture in the Indian market is Rhizome, a sustainable design studio integrating elemental beauty and functionality into statement pieces of utilitarian furniture. The studio works at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability that goes beyond eco-design to look at sustainability holistically.

With a staunch belief that design was ideally positioned to be a powerful game-changer in the world’s sustainability story, sculptural chairs, modern tables and sleek benches from the studio’s latest collection pack a certain kind of timeless elegance and modernity.

View the label here.


Using the ancient Japanese techinque of Itajime Shibori or clamp resist dyeing is SOL STUDIO, a furniture design studio founded by Ritu Sharma that works extensively with solid wood. Their latest collection ‘amrich: LiFE - UNFOLD’ in collaboration with the clothing label Amrich is a way to blend traditional manufacturing techniques with artisanal talent and craftsmanship to create modern products. Using the resist dyeing technique which is applied to hard surfaces they are creating one-of-a- kind statement bespoke furniture pieces. They are also working with waste material sourced from workshops, experimenting with textures of wood and geometric patterns to create unique pieces that are sure to add character to your home and create a statement. Offering functional art in the form of bold statement pieces of furniture, theirs is a world of combining minimalism and maximalism in the best way possible.

Check them out here.

III. White Studios

Creating seatings and tables that are functional yet aesthetically unique is White Studios, a furniture practice by Moradabad-based designer Gitesh Mehta. In an interview he revealed that all his pieces start from the idea, “How can it be entirely unique?” Inspired by the colour white as their name rightly suggests, they see white as being unique and pure. Thus their design philosophy too aligns with that and they try to create furniture and objects that will make your spaces beautiful while giving them a distinct artistic aesthetic. Inspired by the arts, that exist around us, they are always exploring materials and ways of merging arts with design. All their products are handmade and hence no two pieces are exactly the same.

Check out their furniture practice here.

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