Sneaker+Art: Visit An Immersive Sneaker Art Festival In Delhi This Weekend

Sneaker+Art: Visit An Immersive Sneaker Art Festival In Delhi This Weekend
Image Courtesy: Shoevolution

The growing sneaker community in India has been yearning for immersive experiences beyond simplistic resale events with buy-trade-sell concepts. Sneakerheads are looking for community engagement, storytelling and unconventional experiences. Building on this budding interest, Shoevolution has come up with its very first event that aims to celebrate the creative side of the sneaker culture.

Celebrating sneakers as an art form, the event ‘Sneak+Art’ is a space where artistic and imaginative concepts collide. The idea is to create a sneaker art gallery, with displays of sneaker art from all across the country along with various artists, illustrators, NFT artists, graffiti artists, doodle artists etc. displaying their work on the gallery wall.

“My ultimate mission is to make India a Global Sneaker Hub. Our country is a talent pool and has the potential to be on a global platform, sneaker is a universal language, when it comes to sneakers, it doesn’t matter what you work, your background, or where you live. A love for sneakers brings people of shared interests together. I hope we can empower more people to express themselves freely, enable more to tell their own stories, and, more importantly, bring people together from all across the world with the power of virtual and live events.”

— Suhana Sethi (Founder Shoevolution)

Taking place at the Lokayata Art Gallery, located in a prime location in Delhi (Hauz Khas) the event will provide a chance for the audience to customise their own sneakers during an immersive art class. For the first time in India, the event will also feature international artist Pipo Moma, a world-renowned customizer based out of Dubai whose passion for art and design speaks for itself.

Additionally, Chaitanya Dixit popularly known as Che, a top choice among the sneaker customizers in India, will also be present. You can also participate in a workshop that will teach you how to customise sneakers from scratch and how to market your product on social media. Each participant gets a free kit with Angelus colours; a brush kit and a sneaker cleaning kit by Sneaker lab.

Post the workshop, the gallery is open to the public from 7 pm onwards, where they can take a walk through the artistic display of more than 25 artists, and interact with artists while enjoying good music and drinks. Global artists like Sneakerfare Kicks from Chicago, Johnny Skinz from New York, Sneaker Box NFT from LA and Kinky Kashyam from New York will also be participating.

The event is taking place this weekend, October 1, Saturday, 2022

You can find more information here.

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