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Meet The New Kid On The Homegrown Sneaker Block

In search of a premium yet affordable homegrown brand that houses sneakers? Make way for 7-10 (Seven-Ten). Whether your sneakers are for running errands, meeting friends, or dressing up, 7-10 has something for every need!

Everyone should have at least one pair of trainers in their wardrobe. It can be an everyday classic that never goes out of style or a statement shoe that is one-of-a-kind. When it comes to style and silhouettes that do the job while looking pretty, one needs a unique blend of high-fashion and functionality. 7-10 sneakers are such that house infinite versatility while being easy to style and classy.

A homegrown brand that is putting India on the map for cool kicks, 7-10 sneakers are for everyone. Be it its bold colours and graphic details or just clean and classic sneakers, the sneaker design house combines high-fashion design, superior quality, and affordability. Their funky range of kicks blend graphics and tech-wear through their trim elements. The label’s collections feature 7-10 branded laces and a versatile colour scheme, ideal for elevating your personal style.

7-10 sneakers combine high fashion design, superior quality, and affordability. The brand has been conceptualized to fill the growing need for a truly homegrown product that puts India on the map for the rapidly growing sneaker culture across the globe. The brand is quickly carving a niche for Indian brands in the global sneaker market, given the fast adoption of new footwear trends by consumers in India. The brand is set to push the envelope for Indian brands in the market.

View the labels’ collection here.

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