Meet The Indian Dancer Competing In The Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final

Meet The Indian Dancer Competing In The Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final
Red Bull Dance Your Style

'r' is a global all-styles street dance event series with a unique battle format. From hip hop to house, to locking and popping — dancers participating in Red Bull Dance Your Style are challenged to wow the crowd and ultimately win their vote. Testing freestyle and musicality skills through unpredictable mainstream tracks ranging from recent global hits to classic beats, Red Bull Dance Your Style has the crowd deciding who will rule the dance floor.

Last year, the hip-hop dancer NEPO from Haldwani, Uttarakhand, was announced as the first-ever champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style India This was also the first time the competition was conducted in the country. He has been planning to host a jam in his town, Haldwani to encourage more people to get into dance since. Teaching students from Haldwani, Odisha, Meerut, Mumbai & Delhi, NEPO wants more people to get into the underground dance scene by understanding its culture.

This year, a self-professed hip-hop head and movement maverick known as Popkorn is representing India at Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in South Africa. The 'Pre Final 1' happened yesterday in Johannesburg where the 2022 winner Popkorn made the Top 4 and is now in the Top 16 dancers in the World Final happening on Saturday.

Popkorn started dancing as a teenager, but completely fell in love with popping at 15 years old when he saw a video of Michael Jackson. He was mind-blown by the illusionary aspect, depth and freedom of the dance. He discovered himself while dancing, and various movement styles played a therapeutic role in his journey. This led him to discover new approaches and possibilities within his own dance style. He can play multiple instruments and credits Quentin Tarantino as one of his biggest inspirations. Despite his bold battle style, the fans might not know that he’s secretive and shy as a person.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is one-of-a-kind international mixed-style dance competition where the crowd decides who wins by voting for their favourite dancers.

In the 2022 edition, the competition had 60 champions from two event seasons and over 30 countries, out of which only 16 remain competing in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Johannesburg, South Africa, on December 10.

The Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final will be live on TikTok @redbulldance tomorrow at 9:30pm AST (8:30pm CET).

Get more info about it here.

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