Participate In A National Parkour Competition In Gurgaon This Saturday

Participate In A National Parkour Competition In Gurgaon This Saturday

What started in the outskirts of Paris in the 90s has reached many countries over the years. We’re talking about Parkour — an athletic training discipline or sport in which practitioners, known as tracers, attempt to get from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. This way of moving was even further popularized by its inclusion in the film industry, like the movie Yamakasi, co-written by Charles Perrière, one of the founders of the discipline and the movie B13 with David Belle.

Inspired by the sport, Kriti Gupta, a former interior designer started practising parkour full-time, and eventually teaching it at her own company called Vanarshala along with 3 other partners. They designed and opened this institution; India's biggest outdoor Parkour/ADD/Vanargiri training facility in Gurgaon, on 22nd February, 2020.

“Historically, Parkour/ADD/Vanargiri were street arts - in the sense that they exist best in the natural environment, whose inherent challenges make the practitioner resilient and more creative. Out on the streets, in the forests, on the rocks or on the roofs, one has unexpected physical difficulties, puzzles to solve with the mind and conversations/negotiations with society. The more exposure one has to these situations, the more unique and adaptive it makes the practitioner, which is always the larger motive of this practice itself. While Vanarshala acknowledges and respects this aspect very much, as serious practitioners and coaches, it was very important to have a space of our own, where a practitioner has the freedom of time, peace of mind, space to explore without being questioned and certain basic progressions built out for smooth growth.” says Kriti.

Vanarshala is hosting its 2nd national-level Parkour & Movement Competition at its open-air Parkour facility in Gurugram, on Saturday, November 26. The day-long competition is part of a 3-day gathering from November 25th up to November 27th which will bring together parkour practitioners, free-runners and movement enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds across the country.

It’s an open competition for anyone who is interested in the craft and would like to visit. Those who wish to participate can register themselves for a small fee in respective categories by reaching Vanarshala on Instagram. It’s a great and rare opportunity for sports enthusiasts who want to explore and learn about parkour for agility, fitness, or just plain old fun.

Find out more info on the competition here.

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