A Homegrown Photoseries Framing The Duality Between Real & Surreal Art

Hunar Daga
Hunar DagaHunar Daga

Crafting a visual tale with brutal sensitivity, ‘Ethereal’ a photoseries questions the existence of the surreal phenomenon. Layering a number of symbols signifying purity, it creates a whimsical aura depicting unexpected elements that are both quietly unsettling and deeply alluring

Photographer Hunar Daga is known to have a minimal and clean approach in her work. She tends to use lighting and shadows to frame her subject and focuses on the feeling of nostalgia and curiosity. This collaboration with fashion designer Kavita Ray eludes a similar visually striking narrative.

‘Ray-chives’ is a collection of Ray’s visual imaginations, serene and minimal lifestyle. She is an observer and she gets inspired by her everyday surroundings. The Pondicherry-based creative worked as a stylist on this project and inculcated another homegrown brand from the state. Naushad Ali’s heritage fabrics added to the lightness of the visual story as the garment reminds one of a streaming waterfall.

‘Ethereal’ is centred around a duality, blending real and surreal, fashion and art. It romanticises the birth of purity and freshness, as the viewer cannot escape the jarring minimalism without diving into the many intricacies hidden throughout the photo essay.

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