Juswin Jacob's Minimal-Maximalist Photoseries Is As Visually Striking As They Come

Juswin Jacob
Juswin JacobJuswin Jacob

A recent photo shoot featuring ‘minimal-maximalism’ celebrates the beauty of contrast. It was conceptualised by NIFT Hyderabad student Juswin Jacob, who created a unique and visually striking narrative by combining the clean lines and functionality of minimalism with the bold and extravagant ornamentation of maximalism. 

Our fashion and lifestyle philosophies often oscillate between the two, as each of these styles mirror our inner experience. Juswin brings together these conflicting ideologies to create some form of harmony, where both minimalism and maximalism fuel one another rather than taking away from their presence. 

Juswin explains how they used a modern and minimalist architectural space as the backdrop for the model, whose outfit and accessories were styled in a maximalist manner. The resulting tension between the two opposing styles creates a sense of drama and interest; making the images stand out and showcase the versatility and impact of minimal-maximalism.

This is a trend that is rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion and design industries, as it allows for endless creativity and self-expression. It is the perfect blend of simplicity and opulence that creates its own distinct visual narrative. The student project showcases the power of 'minimal maximalism' in terms of both transforming a space and making a statement.

Find their work here.

Model- Chhavi Chaudhary ( @chhaaviii )

Stylist - Janhvi Kohli

MUA - Deepanjali Roy (@deepanjaliroy_ )

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