Hip Hop Artist Yashraj’s New Music Video Is a High-Contrast Montage Of Metaphors

Hip Hop Artist Yashraj’s New Music Video Is a High-Contrast Montage Of Metaphors

Yashraj Mehra is a 22-year-old rapper and songwriter based in Mumbai. He is known for his sold out shows with some power-packed performances and a unique hip-hop sound featuring stream-of-consciousness style lyricism about his journey and struggles merged with the personality of his home-city. But his musical journey has been a little different from most rappers.

The first EP by Yashraj was called 'Azaad Hu Mein' consisting of three soulful songs, Azaad Hu Mein, Sote Raho, and Kaise Badlenge? The theme of the EP revolved around resolving the inner conflict first, in order to fight the world in any given situation. He started his career with a mellow and pop-heavy kind of sound which didn't stay his style for quite long.

In 2020, he released his single 'Kanipatu' with the UK-based music producer Rishi Rich which was a drastic change in his music. The artist shares with Grazia, "I’ll admit I did start off blind. I knew I wanted to make something but I didn’t know what. I realised I was making music that was well-crafted by all means, but just not that close to me. As a 20-year-old kid, it’s hard to find your sound.”

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‘Takiya Kalaam’, which stands for ‘something commonly said’ or a ‘catchphrase’ in Urdu, was the second EP by the rapper and writer reflecting on the common struggles of being an artist. The 5 track EP came out this year with an intro and 2 interludes and was produced by Dropped Out, Lambo Drive, Karonik and Akash Shravan. Since then Yashraj has released a bunch of singles like 'Dhundhala', 'Ruh' and 'Farzi Ghalib' further experimenting with and expanding his sound.

His verses have garnered support from artists like DJ Marshmello, DIVINE, Lost Stories, Zaeden, Ritviz and more. Yashraj has even collaborated with Zaeden and Lost Stories for a remix of 'Tere Bina' and performed along with them at Vh1 Supersonic and IIT Mood Indigo, the popular Indian college fest.

His latest single, 'Bura Bhala' is yet another feat produced by Akash Shravan dodging the usual 808s-led sound and flaunting a fast-paced rock-ish percussive structure that the artist raps over. The music video is out too and is shot in high-contrast black and white reel-like slides of montages, featuring Yashraj playing with metaphors, in his relentless flow.

Developing his own force of self-expression and spending time exploring and crafting his style, the artist has become a leading voice of the Indian hip-hop scene with some of the best and most diverse tracks decorating his discography.

You can follow Yashraj here and watch the music video below.

Music Credits:

Performed and Written by Yashraj

Produced by Akash Shravan

Video Credits:

Directed by Sarthak Cheema & Yashraj Mehra

Shot by Devansh Kandpal

Produced by Madhura Rumde, Sankalp Vaid & Tanvi Seth

Edited by Sarthak Cheema

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