Indian Brands Spearheading Maximalism's Emphatic Resurgence In Homegrown Fashion

Indian Brands Spearheading Maximalism's Emphatic Resurgence In Homegrown Fashion
L: Ikoho ; R: Grandma Would Approve

Back in the 1920’s the world saw a resurgence of art, design and colour as part of the ‘roaring 20’s’ fashion trends which were a rebellion against the dread and gloom of the previous years mostly defined by disease and war. Similarly in the present day as we recover from the hardship of covid years, an uprising of maximalism (a reaction against minimalism, an aesthetic of excess) is making way in fashion. 

We can see people embrace flamboyance through an outright dismissal of muted tones as many brands are also experimenting with vivid colour palettes and unconventional fabric textures. If you are looking to update your wardrobe with a rush of maximal clothing, here are four homegrown labels on our radar that can help you out.

Grandma Would Approve

‘Intergalactic Grandma on a mission to Reimagine Planet Earth’s textile waste through Reconstruction.’

Grandma Would Approve is a homegrown brand pushing the creative boundaries with their disruptive and regenerative outlook towards fashion. They work with some unique categories such as ‘Stitched’ under which they particularly experiment with unusual fabrics. Another one would be ‘Vintage Restore’ where they modernise vintage clothes. Whereas ‘Reconstructed Couture’ on the other hand is a unique category that deconstructs vintage couture pieces in order to put them together as an amalgamated piece. Their artistic collections hence layer multiple fabrics and vibrant colours to create a symphony of vivid or rather clashing visuals that play with our sensory perceptions. 

Find them here.

L: GrandmaWouldApprove ; R: Drawn


‘Born out of pure love for bold prints and vibrant colours.’

The homegrown brand founded in 2020 is an emblematic depiction of maximalism. Through their journey of creating wearable art they often customise everyday wardrobes with a twist of fun, lively and mood-boosting hues and prints. While maintaining a functional and comfortable silhouette they also manage to work with exclusive prints created by homegrown artists, illustrators and designers; offering timeless staples that emulate individuality and experimentation. 

Find them here.

Tigra Tigra

Aligning everyday wardrobes with handicraft futurism, Tigra Tigra is an offbeat label that partners directly with 3 artisan-owned businesses in Gujarat to develop and produce all of their designs. Working with a rich colour palette and languid fit, they transgress the boundaries often conforming traditional handicrafts in order to give them a revolutionary makeover. Founded in 2016, by Parsons Design School graduate Bailey Hunter, the brand has a vibrant colour-centric aesthetic and incorporates folkloric embroidery inspired by Warli art that is native to the tribal community of Maharashtra. 

Find them here.

L: Tigra Tigra ; R: Ikoho


‘Creating experimental objects for a game-changing experience.’

Homegrown brand Ikoho, is an experimental exploration of design outcomes; as they strive to explore and push the limits of the nature of materials to create interesting forms. Holding onto a ‘more is more’ theory in every aspect of visual design from the physical form to colour palettes. The brand is driven by the sublimeness of everyday objects and intends to captivate the curiosity of the viewers through irregular forms and disruptive concepts.

Find them here.

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