Avant-Garde Rugs & Statement Furniture: Three Unconventional Brands Redefining Home Decor

Avant-Garde Rugs & Statement Furniture: Three Unconventional Brands Redefining Home Decor
L: Studio Surya ; R: Lagavi

Sanctuaries of comfort and rest, our homes are the places we seek refuge in. There is something about walking into a room and instantly feeling safe in its environment. A huge reason behind this security is the close affinity to the items and furniture present in the space. Which is why we seek personalised items and accessories that reflect our unique tastes and likings.

While most items in the market today are mass produced with little to no design experimentation, however, there are a few breakthrough stars that are changing the entire experience of decorating your sanctuary. Crafting unique pieces that play with colour and distinct styles, here are three homegrown labels/studios producing unconventional home decor. 

L: Loops by Latika; R: Lagavi

I. Loops by Latika

Here to up your ‘rug game’, Loops by Latika are by far one of the most explorative Indian brands that are giving a makeover to our rather drab home carpets. Experimenting with unique motifs, colour palettes and shapes, the brand treats rugs as a canvas for artistic explorations. The rare design inspirations range from human anatomy to abstract mosaics, as they take custom orders and translate the vision of their clients using handcrafted rugs. These pieces can be created as wall hangings, mirrors, textile art and much more. 

Find them here.

II. Lagavi

Redefining the culture of home decor in India, Lagavi is producing some of the most offbeat statement pieces that can add life to the different corners of your house. Their vibrant curation of vases and hand-painted pots are unlike most items available in the market today as they radiate modernity and play with unconventional designs. If you are looking to revamp your home interiors, their distinct furniture pieces are perfect to add a touch of colour and bring some flair into the plain corners. 

Find them here.

Studio Surya

III. Studio Surya

Studio Surya is a small business owned by young product designer, Lise Lescoublet who utilises the motif of solar objects to craft original handmade rugs. The creator often shares the entire process behind her work and lets the audience in on the vibrant journey. One can find personalised rugs that fit their interiors and reflect unique tastes. Furthermore, they also sell a number of other accessories and home decor items created using yarn. Each one crafted with care and created to add colour and joy to the different areas of your home. 

Find them here.

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