Find Vintage Collectables & Antique Furniture At These Unique Stores Across Delhi

Find Vintage Collectables & Antique Furniture At These Unique Stores Across Delhi

As the internet remains obsessed with the cottage core fantasy and other vintage aesthetics that call back to the old-school charm, so many of us are looking out for interior pieces that bring a similar essence to our homes. There is something about articles that hold onto memories, as they travel from one home to another over centuries and make us part of a larger experience and connection. 

They bring life to certain corners in our home while also helping us to be more intuitive with our choices. Breaking away from a consumption cycle that values fast moving trends over consciously crafted timeless pieces. So if you are looking to invest in some unique antiques from around India, here are three stores in Delhi to look out for.

Vintage Crafts

Situated in the hustle and bustle of old Delhi, this antique shop is one of the iconic spots in Chandni Chowk. One can find unique and authentic collectables at an affordable price. Vintage pieces such as old gramophones, telescopes, compass, clocks and helmets can be found in their store. These articles are maintained from time to time by our professionals who keep a close check on their smooth functioning. 

Indian Art Collectors

One of the most interesting stores in Delhi, Indian Art Collection situated in the trendy Hauz Khas market is the go to place for eccentric and authentic home decor. While they sell heritage pieces such as Raja Ravi Varma prints and Lithographs, they also have a huge collection of retro Bollywood posters, lobby cards, picture postcards and vintage advertisements. Beyond these you can also find an entire selection of old school tiffin boxes in addition to printed photographs from analog cameras.

Country Collection

An antique furniture store in Delhi, Country Collection is the ideal location to scout authentic Indian pieces reflecting the rich craftsmanship of the country. Unlike other contemporary pieces these are not based on interior design trends rather showcase a timeless spirit. The store also has a welcoming environment as the salesmen will not only help you look around but also provide an in-depth insight of each object such as their history, relevance and materials.