Barbie At Work: Step Inside A Mumbai Barbiecore-Inspired Office

The G Story's Barbiecore-inspired office.
The G Story's Barbiecore-inspired office.Wabi-Sabi Studio

We all saw Barbie's Dreamhouse — a fantastical abode where everything is dipped in a vibrant palette of pastel hues. Inspired by the same, an office space in Mumbai imagines what Barbie's office would look like. The G Story's barbiecore-inspired headquarters is a mesmerizing 1800 square feet workspace adorned in saturated pastels, where every inch oozes ✨girly pop✨

The G Story's office
The G Story's officeWabi-Sabi Studio

Behind the design of the workspace is, the principal designer at Deshna Kasliwal Design Studio. The concept for this office was born as part of a campaign known as 'Barbie at Work'. The founder of The G Story explains, "The 7-year-old me would be extremely proud and happy today. Taking my obsession with Barbiecore and all things art to the next level, I am thrilled to present our campaign Barbie at Work. It showcases our office space along with what Barbie's typical day at work in a creative agency would look like. Turns out, her day is just as relatable, but she adds a little sparkle and positive vibes to everything and powers through."

The Reception Area, Phone booth
The Reception Area, Phone boothWabi-Sabi Studio

The office comprises a reception area, multiple cabins, a conference room, and an open office space. The journey through this whimsical wonderland starts at the reception area, where spectrum of pink hues is balanced out with a Houndstooth wallpaper and wall moulding to break the monotony of the space. The reception is conceptualized by boldly embracing a bubblegum palette with a dash of British flair; where Pinterest meets Modern Chic. This space also features a functional phone booth, adding a touch of nostalgia to the contemporary design.

Conference room, Lilac & lime colour palette
Conference room, Lilac & lime colour paletteDeshna Kasliwal Design Studio

The conference room, bathed in sunshine yellows, exudes a vibrant aura, perfect for video calls and brainstorming sessions. The highlight of this room? Disco balls, vintage cassettes, and flamingo accents that bring a unique blend of fun and functionality to the workplace. Meanwhile, the open office area continues the harmonious colour palette of lilac, lime, and pink, showcasing the brand's work with elegance.

The G Story's office
The G Story's officeDeshna Kasliwal Design Studio

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, The G Story's office also stands as a powerful statement breaking stereotypes. Throughout history, ambitious and successful women have often felt compelled to suppress their femininity in male-dominated workspaces to be taken seriously. However, this postmodern office redefines the narrative. It proudly declares that strength/determination and femininity are not mutually exclusive. The Barbiecore office is a nod to ✨girly pop✨ as a spectrum, one that marries power, ambition, and grit with everything hot pink, glitter, and Taylor Swift.

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