#HGSupply: Greyt's Homegrown Concrete Ashtrays Effortlessly Merge Form & Function


Smoking is a culture now. Every smoker has their ritual whether it's the morning pre/post breakfast cig, smoke breaks at the office, or the evening tea-cig to turn off the day. Although it's a habit and one really tough to break, smokers would agree that there's also an emotional component attached to it and it flows with our state of mind. In that sense it embedded into our identities and so even though there is some shame around it, we accept it as our practice.

Ashtrays are the greatest example of that acceptance. it's an affirmation of the fact that we smoke and we're going to facilitate a space that allows us to do so comfortably. Since the 60s, ashtrays have been popular due to the spread of stoner culture. And in modern times, work and social places have become inclusive of smokers assigning dedicated areas and ashtrays for them. They have also become a design element in the aesthetics of a space.

That's where Greyt ashtrays come into play. The neutral grey hues and faux industrial look of concrete fits into any interior style from minimalist to brutalist in modern homes. Greyt embodies the same natural, earthy design elements with reimagined concrete products.

With 20+ years of hands-on experience with concrete, extensive research about material possibilities & vision of professional designers, Greyt focuses on finest and pre-eminent designs handcasted in concrete with a sustainable approach and a unique, homegrown version of concrete.

Greyt's ashtrays are statement pieces on their own. Their sleek designs include the Apline Black Snowcapped Mountains, The Grand Canyon with cement finish, The geometric stepped Conto ashtray and The Colosseum Miniature ashtray.

These ashtrays are a contemporary fusion of style and function, adding intricate and subtle architectural design to everyday products. The precise chemistry and craftsmanship used to create each and every piece offer an elegant, meditative tone the reflects in the user's smoking experience.

Check out their collection here.