A Homegrown Jewellery Brand Working With Rajasthani Craftspeople To Save A Dying Craft

The Chuski Collection
The Chuski CollectionZiddi

Ziddi is a jewellery brand that's on a mission to revive the dying thread craft of Patwa, a tribal Rajasthani artform, practiced by a small community in the Pali district. This traditional craft is in threat of disappearing completely with only a couple of families surviving in the profession, and even fewer scions willing to take this craft forward.

Founded by Delhi-based Pallavi and Malvika Lalwani, a sister duo and inspired by their ancestral roots in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, Ziddi was born from their love for imperfections of the perfectly rustic and worn-off elements of the state. Through ethical empowering, the brand works closely with the kaarigars in Patwa to relearn the styles of weaves from the elders and possibly develop a new weave of the new age in time.

Sangyal Lhazom in Ziddi accessories
Sangyal Lhazom in Ziddi accessoriesZiddi

Pallavi utilises her awareness of space, form and materials as a successful architect and Malvika, a NIFT alum, uses her design acumen to turn it into a wearable piece of art. Drawing influences from the colours, traditional arts and antiques of the village they grew up in, the sisters unite their creative powers to develop handmade, sustainable and one-of-a-kind pieces by using various crafts of India.

Ziddi offers 4 collections with a variety of accessories from chokers to bun sticks and ceramic necklaces to bags, belts and odhanis (scarves). 'Zar' contains elegant gold necklaces,rings and earcuffs, 'Siwana' is full of colourful threadwork and tribal designs, 'Timeless Threads' is a collection of intricate yarn embroidered into earrings and patandis, and 'Chuski' is based on the nostalgic colours and flavours of chuskis and golas (ice pops) in an Indian summer.

Caroline Zeliang stacking Ziddi accessories
Caroline Zeliang stacking Ziddi accessoriesZiddi

Ziddi is more than just a fashion label. It is a sincere urge to bring a change in the lives of the craftsmen who are dependent on a fading craft for their livelihoods and also to the environment by making Ziddi a brand that is constantly contributing towards sustainability.

To view their collections check out their website here.

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