What Is Computational Design? How Homegrown Artists Are Embracing The Artform

The Yoni Project - KALA, Algoscapes - Kartik Dondeti
The Yoni Project - KALA, Algoscapes - Kartik DondetiKALA, Kartik Dondeti

Computational design is a design method that uses a combination of algorithms and parameters to solve design problems with advanced computer processing. Every step of a designer’s process is translated into coded computer language. The software program uses this information alongside project-specific parameters to create algorithms that generate design models or complete design analyses. Basically, it's a design that is computed for you. Usually used in architecture, computational design can also be a medium of digital art.

Here are some homegrown artists who are creating cutting-edge visual art through computational design.

Shimmer, TwistNbend
Shimmer, TwistNbendKedar Undale

Kedar Undale

Kedar is a parametric designer, educator, artist and researcher who attempts to create access to experiencing intangible qualities such as sound and gravity by visualizing them using computational and generative tools. He also plays with parametric transformation of images to see how they react to different patterns and geometric shapes.

You follow his work here.

Audio Responsive Visuals, Pixelated Van Gogh
Audio Responsive Visuals, Pixelated Van GoghPixelkar


Pixelkar is a computational artist from India who merges art, design, and technology in his work which is inspired by the grids and patterns found in nature as well as the geometric forms and motifs prevalent in Indian art and craft. Combining his background in spatial understanding with his interest in computational techniques, he creates thought-provoking generative creations, interactive installations, or immersive experiences that challenge our understanding of the world around us and its existence.

You can follow him here.

Landsacpes of Resistance, Algoscapes
Landsacpes of Resistance, AlgoscapesKartik Dondeti

Karthik Dondeti

Kartik the a founder of Voxelscapes, an architecture and computational design studio and a co-founder of Codebalé, generative art studio based in Bangalore. Apart from architecture and design, digital is his primary medium of expression and he dabbles extensively in authoring conceptual design tools, data visualizations, algorithmic and data driven art and real-time graphics programming.

You can follow his work on his website here.

Still Life Study
Still Life StudyUjjwal Agarwal

Ujjwal Agarwal

Raised in different parts of India, Ujjwal or KALA is a computational artist who creates integrated digital designs and music. "I love how a few pieces of binary instruction can conjure life-like, real-time systems. The multiplicity of generative art as a tool for content creation, interactive installation and an overall inclusion of technology as an intelligent co-creator rather than a static enslaved tool, is where my passion lies", he shares on his website.

Follow his work here.

Generative Pottery, Big sky installation
Generative Pottery, Big sky installationRitesh Lala

Ritesh Lala

Ritesh is a New York-based generative artist and lead creative technologist who creates interactive/immersive spaces museums, corporate and health spaces. He also makes music and as a media artist he creates responsive environments, generative art, particle systems, and physics simulations among other things. Part of his art is inspired by fractal geometries found in various structures of ancient cultures like shrines and temples.

Follow his work here.