Meet The Duo That Turned Their Wedding Into A High-Fashion Conceptual Art Event

How Are You Feeling Studio
How Are You Feeling StudioHow Are You Feeling Studio

A multidisciplinary creative studio run by couple Doyel Joshi and Neil Ghose Balser, How Are You Feeling Studio is a labour of love and the creative vision of the interdisciplinary artist duo. With an approach to investigate emotion in relation to a subject, their work is often magnanimous extensions in large scale installations, performance art, creative direction and sound design.

The couple met in New York City where the two attended Parsons School of Design, New York. Balser is a hybrid Indian German whereas Joshi comes from Rajasthan/Mumbai but is a citizen of the world.

At the studio, artists Joshi and Balser work collaboratively with a wide range of mediums including fashion, sound, interactive performance, installations, sculpture, video and design. The approach is to investigate the emotion in relation to a subject, how it resonates and ultimately how it is expressed through visual, sonic, (past and future) memory cues. The interdisciplinary creative studio has provided creative direction in collaborations and concept for shows, installations, performance and film.

The wediing of Doyel Joshi & Neil Ghose Balser
The wediing of Doyel Joshi & Neil Ghose BalserHow Are You Feeling Studio

As two artists came together, the strong walls of cultural barriers and general intolerance in the country led to an introspection of what contemporary India meant to them. The answer was found in their artistic practice and ethos. They strongly believe that every moment, space, situation and circumstance is a chance for art — that is reflection, friction and inspiration. From a coffee shop or home to your relationships and in the case of launching the studio it was their wedding in Mandawa, Rajasthan.

Channelling their artistic vision to everything and into every day, the duo decided to turn their wedding into an artistic event, one that was far from any conventional wedding. Balser adds, “We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as people, our world view and our values. It echoes in our wardrobes, the choice of venue, the ceremonies, the menu, the invitations, the photographs and the emotions our loved ones felt at the palace wedding.”

Their wedding and it’s art installations decor became the source of inspiration for a vernissage that was later opened to public in the metropolitan Mumbai at The Great Eastern Home (The Pond Room) in Byculla. With experiential events such as their wedding vernissage, How Are You Feeling Studio hopes to bring events and interactive art installations to Mumbai, offering offer socio-political commentary that is implicit in their aesthetic and viewers’ experience.

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